Stretchonomics reveals game-changing techniques to ‘stretch for success’

Stretchonomics reveals game-changing techniques to ‘stretch for success’

Stretchonomics reveals game-changing techniques to ‘stretch for success’… You may have been asking yourself – why is it that some people appear to achieve anything they set their minds to – whilst others fall short? Or why is it that some companies and teams grow and prosper whilst others fight for survival?

The authors of Stretchonomics, Nick Pye and Justin Wright,  spent decades answering these questions through their work. Helping everyone from cutting-edge start-ups, to household names and incubating them to innovate and grow in the right direction. The list includes an artisan gin brand and professional sports team to a multinational oil company, they have refined the lessons they learnt into a simple, practical, easy-to-digest framework, enabling companies and individuals to achieve the potential in their business.

Bursting with top techniques for success and strategies inspired by US military tactics, elite athletes and Hollywood directors, the book reveals how those who consistently succeed do it by aligning what they want to achieve with what they are willing to do to get there. The book challenges us all to break out of our comfort zone and into the ‘Stretch Zone’ – to stop killing productivity with our ‘busyness’ and kickstart innovation.

Stretchonomics helps you find the right stretch for you and understand how to stay in the stretch zone.

The book’s seven principles are:








These all help make your ambitions a reality and empower you to fulfil your potential.

A must-read for everyone from entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs, sports teams and individuals, it’s guaranteed to get you stretching for success.

Stretchonomics is out now, published by Silvertail Books and priced at £9.99

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