How to: Get your spring marketing into step

How to: Get your spring marketing into step

Get your spring marketing into step this March. If you’ve ever looked at your marketing channels wondering what you should be writing, in a social media form of writers block, then this blog is the perfect place to start.

Because when it comes to generating regular, timely and relevant content for your social media, The Bridge Marketing have a few tricks up their sleeves to getting those cogs whirring. The Bridges’ media calendar provides you the monthly lowdown on local and national events that are sure to appeal to your customers.  Alongside this, they share ideas on how to use these events to generate tweets, posts and blogs that get people reading, responding to, and following you.

National calendar

Whether you’re Irish, part-Irish or not Irish at all, everyone inevitably goes a bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day (17th). If you’ve got an affinity with the Emerald Isle, have Irish connections to your business, or simply love a pint of Guinness, be sure to write a post or two about it. If you’re doing any staff or company events, such as a wear green day, or are simply treating the team to a few pints of the black stuff after work, take photos and share them around your various media channels. You could even twist the theme a bit, and take the idea of wearing green and relate it to ‘going green’ for the environment, and post a bit about any green initiatives you’re involved with. In short, a little creative thinking goes a long way! 

Also, March is the month our clocks go forward and we start thinking about those longer, warmer and sunnier days ahead. It’s always worth a tweet to remind people to adjust their clocks, and if you can put a spin on it, and relate it to your own offering, all the better. For instance, people are losing an hour of their weekend, so if there’s a humorous way you can mention that your product or service can save them some time, then go ahead. Alternatively, it’s a great opportunity to write something more thoughtful about how your products and services can help people improve their sleep or generally make themselves more efficient.

National Nutrition Month and Caffeine Awareness Month are also in March, and these offer interesting jumping off points for a variety of posts, from a picture of your favourite mug, to a blog about the role caffeine plays in your life, or even something more in-depth about how your business promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Other interesting dates this month are International Women’s Day (8th), World Water Day (22nd) and National Puppy Day (23rd). Talking about the important women in your industry, personal life or business is a great way to show the world that you’re a progressive employer. Meanwhile, everyone appreciates pictures of a puppy. So if you have one, or even have an office pooch, then there’s no better time to introduce them to your social media followers.

Local calendar

One of Suffolk’s most valued charities, Suffolk People First, who support people with autism and learning disabilities, holds its quarterly event at the start of March. They invite people from the wider community to attend, and talk about their experiences. If you have any personal experience of these issues, then don’t be afraid to talk about them on your marketing channels. Do you provide products or services that help people with disabilities? Do you, your employees or business do anything charitable or community based? Don’t be afraid to use your marketing platforms to tell the world about what you do to support your community.

The Bridge will be back next month for how not to be a fool when it comes to marketing in April.

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