Citipost Mail, GCD and TWI Shortlisted for UK Branding Award

Citipost Mail, GCD and TWI Shortlisted for UK Branding Award

Citipost Mail alongside The Write Impression (TWI) and Guy Clubb Designs (GCD) have been shortlisted for a national award which celebrates the significant impact corporate identity has on employee engagement and recruitment.

The collaboration of these marketing companies, who are based respectively in Derbyshire, Essex and Suffolk, has demonstrated the capabilities of remote working to make the final shortlist for the Employer Branding Award at the 2020 Personnel Today Awards.

The Employer Branding Award recognises organisations that create a flexible, accessible company identity that  presents somewhere people want to work. The award is judged on the creation and maintaining of this identity, as well as its impact on employee engagement levels, retention and recruitment.

The new Citipost Mail brand, created in collaboration with creative agencies TWI and GCD, consulted a series of internal focus groups involving members of staff to ensure the new branding represented the organisation’s people, and what it is like to work for Citipost Mail. The results have been overwhelming, as Citipost Mail has enjoyed significant improvements across the board following their new brand, ranging from a 100% increase in applications for job openings to 280% growth in LinkedIn engagement and 95% more sessions on the Citipost Mail website.

Guy Clubb, founder and lead designer at GCD, says: “The challenge was to create a brand that embodied what makes any organisation what it is – the people that work there. Working with the employees to create a visually compelling brand that they feel represents them and Citipost Mail, was a really satisfying experience. Plus, being shortlisted for the Employer Branding Award goes to show how much we’ve achieved with Citipost Mail’s new brand and to win would cement that.”

Kate Everett, managing partner of TWI, says: “The Citipost Mail brand had to become people-focused, to centre on brand expertise in a way that shows that quality is delivery by extraordinary people. Citipost Mail’s people are extremely skilled at translating complex industry jargon into simple, helpful communications. This language was integral to the brand guidelines and marketing communications, from the client communication strategy to in-house messaging.”

David Bradford, head of marketing at Citipost Mail, says: “The reasoning for replacing the single agency strategy was to swap mediocrity for specialism, to enable us to optimise high-quality innovation quickly in order to adapt to a fast-moving marketplace. This required a high level of collaboration and teamwork between agencies, which we definitely achieved on this project.”

David continues: “The new brand goes to the heart of Citipost Mail, representing our people, in particular their passion, expertise and pride in the services delivered by Citipost Mail. The new portfolio of brand assets also gives each employee a clearer sight of the company’s overall brand vision, which enables them to do their job more effectively.”

The winners of the 2020 Personnel Today Awards, will be announced at a Virtual Ceremony which will be broadcast live to the homes and workplaces of finalists on Thursday 26th November from 4 PM.

For more information, please visit the Citipost mail brand, GCD or TWI.

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