The Real Cost of Recruitment

The Real Cost of Recruitment

A business’ greatest asset is its people, so recruiting the best is vital. Yet for many, recruitment is a dirty word. Michelle Pollard at Spider Fixed Fee Web Recruitment uses her knowledge and experience to explain the real cost of recruitment.

The recruitment industry has a bad reputation. We’re lumped together with bankers and estate agents, which isn’t always justified. There are a lot of ineffective agencies that charge extortionate fees and fail to deliver. Fortunately, there are some that are worth their weight in gold and offer valuable support through either cost-effective online recruitment campaigns or more traditional search-based recruitment.

Finding good people is harder than ever

On average it takes 56 days to attract and recruit a new employee. With the lowest unemployment figures in over 40 years, it’s a competitive market for employers competing for the best applicants.

For businesses with established employer brands, it’s a slightly easier sell but for SMEs with a low profile, it can be far harder to attract the best and the brightest.

A multifaceted campaign

Gone are the days of simply placing an ad in the trade press or local paper knowing everyone looking for work will see it there. Nowadays, for the majority of roles, finding the right candidate means getting the job on the online jobsites. But which one will work best?  With the bidding war on job-based keywords at fever pitch, the job board working best for a particular role or sector changes weekly and sometimes daily… And to place the job ad on the big six recruitment sites, can cost around £200 per site!

Add in the costs of creating an ad that will attract the right candidates (a skill not to be overlooked), managing the online campaign, and screening and responding to applicants and it takes a lot of time and money.

Spider’s alternative

Spider uses economies of scale, skill and expertise to offer online recruitment campaigns for an upfront fixed fee. For £595 for a campaign, Spider will write a compelling job ab, advertise the vacancy through the main big job boards, manage the online campaign and screen and respond to applicants.

They’re experts at marketing jobs for small and medium businesses, helping them to compete with established employer brands.

And Spider’s stats speak for themselves, with 80% of campaigns attracting the right candidate. A Typical Spider Recruitment campaign attracts around sixty applicants, whittled down to the ten or so most suitable, based on the initial brief.

For the other 20%, Spider’s specialised search recruitment consultant will run a proactive campaign, again for a fixed fee.

Spider’s fixed fee model offers a simple, transparent and collaborative recruitment solution that delivers value and results. To find out more, visit

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