New Year, New Job!

New Year, New Job!

The New Year can be a great time to plan, set some goals and think about the direction your life or business might take. Often high up on the list is a new job or a change of career, which means preparation needs to start early to ensure as a business you get the cream of the crop.  Spider shares a few tips to help you to prepare for recruitment in 2020.

Compose job descriptions for any roles you’d like to fill in the first quarter of the year.

  • Research salaries for the positions to ensure that when you advertise you are competitive.
  • Have a recruitment process in place, so that the procedure is slick and enables you to act quickly should a great candidate come along.
  • Think about how you’re going to recruit and where. Are you going to place your own adverts or are you going to use an agency to support you?
  • Have a recruitment process in place, including interview format and questions.

And if you’re looking to change jobs in 2020, you should be looking to:

  • Get your CV completely up to date, so that you’re ready and raring to go.
  • Update your Linkedin profile.
  • Ensure your social media accounts show you in a favourable light or revise your privacy settings so that posts aren’t widely visible.
  • Compile a list of companies you’d really like to work for and either send your CV to them or speak to a credible recruiter who can do the hard work for you.
  • Sign up to the job boards for notifications of jobs that suit your skills.

If you’re looking to recruit or change your job in 2020, please contact Spider for a no-obligation chat on 01473 276146 or visit the website

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