Smile for better business

Smile for better business

Tuesday 20th March is the International Day of Happiness, a day dedicated to focusing on the importance of kindness and helping one another.  Smiling and being happy can be a great business tool too, whatever your role or level. And it starts even before your career has begun.  Experts believe that entering a job interview with a winning smile may play a key role in helping you land a position.

AXA PPP Healthcare’s Director of Psychological Services, Mark Winwood says: “Smiling at the appropriate times in a business meeting can be key, as 55 per cent of how people interpret what we are saying is through facial expression alone.  And when you hear that 38 per cent of meaning and feeling is communicated in the way words are said with just 7 per cent on the words that are actually spoken, you understand why important discussions are best conducted face to face.”

Mark suggests that standing upright, using eye contact and sporting a relaxed smile will help make you feel and look more confident and successful.

Five top tips for using your smile, facial expressions and body language to communicate successfully at work include:

  • Set the tone with a smile.  Start your day with a scowl and you’ll become sullen and angry; put on a happy, confident expression, and good things are likely to follow.
  • Make eye contact.  Looking away from someone in a meeting or interview can suggest you’re hiding something or lack confidence.
  • Don’t be first to blink.  Excessive blinking can make you appear insecure, so maintain steady eye contact to reflect poise and credibility.
  • Show you’re interested and engaged.  When your boss or a colleague is talking to you or presenting, lean forward, smile and nod encouragingly.  Don’t frown or look at your hands.
  • Keeps your smile looking healthy?  Bright yellow and orange foods are rich in beta-carotene – which keeps mucous membranes healthy, allowing the gums to stay in good condition.

The small business experts from AXA PPP healthcare have lots more tips and guidance for business owners and employees in the Small Business Insight Centre.

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