Is your memory foam mattress keeping you up at night?

Is your memory foam mattress keeping you up at night?

Feeling hot and bothered due to your memory foam mattress? You’re not alone. However, Wool is a proven solution, and this Summer, the Ipswich Woolroom have highlighted their top bedding fittings to help you beat the heat.

Firstly, why do memory foam mattresses get so hot?
Also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, memory foam is a soft, highly energy-absorbent substance, initially designed for NASA aeroplane seats in the 1960s.

Because this material is completely synthetic, it’s not breathable and instead effectively reflects your body heat back towards you. This means, that while your average skin temperature is already 32°C, you are also effectively lying on a 30°C heated surface all night.

On top of that, memory foam is also unable to reject moisture, the result being, that you may wake up feeling hot and clammy.

British Wool Mattress Protector
However, there is a simple solution. Putting a barrier of a good natural wool mattress protector, between you and the mattress, can do wonders for your sleep! We estimate that our 100% natural protector will eliminate around 70% of the heat being reflected from the mattress.

This protector is made of nothing but the finest natural materials. A 100% British wool filling helps regulate your temperature, while the beautiful organic cotton outer layer, is crisp and cool to the touch.

Adjustable British Wool Pillow
To further enhance your good nights sleep on a hot summer night, replace polyester, memory foam or feather/down pillows with natural, wool-filled alternatives for a breathable, sleep-enhancing environment. As with the mattress protector, it will keep you cool and draw moisture away from your body. So much so, you’ll never need to turn the pillow over looking for the cool side.

We recommend our Deluxe pillow as it’s adjustable, meaning you can add or take away as much filling as you need. This will ensure you’re sleeping on a pillow which is faultlessly tailored to your preference, night after night.

Super Light British Wool Duvet
Our Super Light Deluxe duvet is the lightest natural duvet on the market, and is therefore perfect, for helping you to adjust to the higher nighttime temperatures which this lovely weather we’ve been having, is bringing us.

As with our entire Deluxe bedding range, this product is lovingly hand-crafted with a beautifully fine 100% British wool layer, and is encased in a premium, crisp and cool organic cotton.


Don’t just take our word for it, here are some customer reviews…


“I was becoming extremely frustrated with my memory foam mattress, as I was overheating every night. I was seriously considering taking the financial hit and buying a new mattress. After some desperate Googling I found Woolroom, and bought their recommended mattress protector. What a difference! The wool dissipates the heat and makes me cosy and comfortable. If you’re overheating on your memory foam mattress, give natural wool a try.”

– Renee


“I spent 10 years overheating at night until I discovered wool bedding. Having researched the possible solutions I ordered the mattress protector and the deluxe wool duvet. They are wonderful and have definitely eased my restless nights. I have a memory foam mattress and the wool protector stops me overheating. I worried that the quilt was a lot lighter than I would normally like in winter, but I needn’t have done as I get cosy and warm as soon as I get into bed. Excellent products, beautifully packaged and delivered next day.”

– Susan Huckle


“When it arrived, my first thought was that it looked quite thin and wasn’t going to do much. However, the bed is now snug, without being uncomfortably warm, which is a big improvement from my previous memory foam experience. My husband and I are definitely both getting a better nights sleep as a result!”

– L Lilley


Come and see for yourself, visit us at the Sleep Studio at Sycamore Farm to change to cool, breathable, natural bedding for the summer.


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