How common is underage vaping in the East of England?

How common is underage vaping in the East of England?

Recent findings have identified the areas in England with significant youth vaping activity. The East of England is recognised as one of the regions with the lowest incidences of underage vaping, as per NHS data. A notable aspect of the study is that teenage girls are found to vape at higher rates than teenage boys. This research, conducted by NHS Digital, delves into the prevalence of vaping among young individuals across different regions in England.

The study, conducted by leading vape retailer Go Smoke Free, examined the percentage of teenagers regularly using e-cigarettes across England, according to the NHS, to determine the regions with the highest levels of youth vaping in England.

Teenage vaping is the most prevalent in the North West. In total, 14% of teenagers regularly use e-cigarettes across the region, 63% higher than the national average. Girls account for 8% of the region’s youth vaping levels, compared to 6% for boys, according to the study.

The North East and West Midlands take the silver medal. In joint second place, 11% of teenagers regularly use e-cigarettes in both regions, 28% higher than average in England. Girls have higher levels of vaping, according to the NHS, with 7% of girls vaping in the North East and 6% of girls vaping in the West Midlands.

Yorkshire and The Humber and the South East are England’s joint third youth vaping hotspots. According to the study, 9% of teenagers regularly vape in these two regions, 5% more than the national average. Boys are more likely to vape in Yorkshire and The Humber, compared to girls taking the top spot in the South East.

On the other hand, 8% of teenagers are reported to be regularly vaping in the East of England, which is 6% less than the national average. Out of these teenagers, 5% are girls, compared to just 3% boys, according to the NHS.

In the South West, 7% of teenagers are reportedly vaping regularly, which is 18% less than the national average. Girls represent 5% of this statistic, 2% more than teenage boys in the region.

The East Midlands and London are the regions with the least amount of youth vaping. In total, 4% of teenagers regularly consume e-cigarettes in these regions. The East Midlands has an equal representation, with 2% of both teenage boys and girls taking up the habit, compared to 1% of boys and 3% of girls in London.

A spokesperson at Go Smoke Free has commented on the study: “Youth vaping is on the rise. In fact, recent research has shown that the proportion of 11 to 17-year-old e-cigarette users doubled from 3.3% in 2021 to 7.6% in 2023.

“To tackle the rise in underage vaping, the U.K. government is issuing a nationwide ban on disposable vapes, with the legislation hoping to discourage children and teenagers from vaping while maintaining access for adults who wish to go smoke free.

“This study has revealed the regions in England where youth vaping is most prevalent, with the North West taking the top spot. The research has also highlighted that teenage girls are more likely to use e-cigarettes than teenage boys regularly.”

Table: English regions where youth vaping is the most prevalent:

Rank English regions Percentage of teenage boys regularly using e-cigarettes Percentage of teenage girls regularly using e-cigarettes Total percentage of boys and girls regularly using e-cigarettes
1 North West 6% 8% 14%
2 North East 4% 7% 11%
2 West Midlands 5% 6% 11%
3 Yorkshire and the Humber 5% 4% 9%
3 South East 4% 5% 9%
4 East of England 3% 5% 8%
5 South West 2% 5% 7%
6 East Midlands 2% 2% 4%
6 London 1% 3% 4%

Data credit: Go Smoke Free

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