Cycle to Work Day: How to Encourage Your Employees to Bike to Work

Cycle to Work Day: How to Encourage Your Employees to Bike to Work

Over the five years between 2016 and 2021, the amount of people cycling has increased by over 28% to 6,479,900, it’s clear that cycling could become a popular option for commuting.

Integrating a cycle to work scheme could help to encourage workforces throughout the UK to get on their bikes to get to their jobs. And while research from Sodexo Engage found that 64.2% of workplaces have a scheme that’s offered to their workers, only 24.7% of respondents stated they took advantage of it.

With Cycle to Work Day happening on 3rd August this year, we think it’s important to celebrate cycling as an option for commuters. Business owners and management can encourage their workforces to get involved with cycling to work schemes.

Improve bike facilities available

Many in your workforce may already be avid cyclists looking for an opportunity to use their bikes to commute, but they might be dissuaded if your workplace lacks the correct facilities.

You could make the commitment to invest in bike sheds or stands outside your workplace or creating a storage space inside your office with a dedicated room or racks. This would likely encourage more of your employees to cycle in, knowing that they were able to store their bikes somewhere nearby and safe.

As well as storage options, having tools that can be used to keep your employees’ bikes in top condition could help encourage cycle commutes. Getting into the office with a flat tyre and being able to repair it and pump it up ahead of their ride home or tightening loose bolts with a good bike wrench would make the world of difference.

Lead by example – cycle yourself

One simple way to get your employees to engage with a scheme like Cycle to Work is to get involved yourself. There is no greater way to get those you manage motivated than showing them you’re willing to do it too.

In fact, data collected by Team Stage shows that 87% of employees think their employers should help find a good work/life balance for obligations.

Not only could showing your employees that you’re willing to participate in a scheme that would see them lean into a healthy lifestyle change, but it could also help encourage more connected and motivated working beyond cycling to work.

‘Back to Basics’ bike courses

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but a huge factor for some preventing them from getting back in the saddle is the fear of not remembering how to properly ride one.

You could remedy this by starting workshops and crash courses that can help reintroduce cycling to your employees’ lives. It can be used to cover everything from the very basics you’d need on the road, such as how to signal when turning and how and where to safely store your bike, to the accessories you might need to improve your experience and how to reinflate your tyres correctly.

Plus, you could team up with a local cycling supplier to help give more of an insight into what you might add to your cycling journey that makes it easier. This could be something as simple as adding a pair of high-quality cycling gloves to improve your grip on the handlebars.

Off-site cycling days

Part of building a cycling scheme is promoting the positive health benefits of cycling, especially when it comes to mental health. Cycling as a group offers a huge sense of community through socialising, and one way you could help your workforce experience this is through organising off-site cycling days and experiences.

These days don’t have to be huge excursions to mountain ranges or hidden trails. Even scheduling in a meeting point at the beginning of a route and cycling to a decided destination, setting your group’s pace, and even chatting with those around you could help boost team spirit and morale.

Getting to experience the communal feeling of cycling and having a day out in the fresh air with colleagues could help inspire many in your business to try cycling for their commute. It might even encourage them to cycle more in their personal lives as well!



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