How your restaurant can introduce home food delivery services

How your restaurant can introduce home food delivery services

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a massive toll all around the world on people’s health and well-being, as well as that of the economy and businesses. For those in the restaurant industry, it has been a particularly difficult year with lockdowns and restrictions that have made it challenging to bring home a profit. This is exactly why so many have looked for ways to adapt to the current situation, and ensure that they are doing all they can to reach customers.

If you own a restaurant and you are ready to take the leap and start offering home food delivery services, there are some things to be mindful of. These tips and steps will ensure that you introduce the new offering in a seamless and successful manner.

Securing a Delivery Vehicle and Insurance

One of the first steps to take is to get a designated restaurant delivery vehicle and fast food delivery insurance coverage. Having one vehicle that is dedicated to food delivery ensures that you don’t have to depend on employee’s vehicles. You know you will have an available and reliable vehicle at all times.

Introduce an Advertising Campaign

If you’re going to minimise the impact of the pandemic on your restaurant you need to get the word out to your existing and potential new customers that you are now offering home food delivery. Ideally you should be doing a blitzing campaign on social media and the restaurant’s website, as digital marketing tends to be the most effective way to reach a broad audience at once. The goal should be to create buzz and interest in your new delivery offering.

Tie a Promotion to the Delivery Service

Of course, there is no better way to grab the attention of customers than by offering them a deal or promotion. You may want to offer a discounted rate on home delivery as an introduction offer, or maybe even a free menu item added to the order as long as it hits a minimum total. This promotional offer can then be used in your digital advertising campaign on social media.

Make Sure the Cost of Delivery is Fair and Reasonable

When it comes to the cost of the delivery service, you’ll find that people are usually open and okay with paying a price as long as it seems fair and reasonable. You can do a little research into what other delivery services are charging, in order to ensure your pricing is competitive.

Open Up a Whole New Revenue Stream

By offering home food delivery services from your restaurant, you may just find you’re able to open up a whole new revenue stream that carries on even after the pandemic is resolved.

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