Are University Students covered by home contents insurance?

Are University Students covered by home contents insurance?

With an ever-expanding array of gadgets and clothing, the average student will take in the region of £2,200 worth of possessions along with them to University. But amidst all the excitement of getting ready for the adventures ahead, it’s safe to say that insuring valuables isn’t the top priority. In fact, research highlights that over a quarter of students don’t have insurance cover for their belongings.

Ensuring possessions are covered whilst at university is important. Not only do statistics indicate that students are the group most likely to fall victim to personal theft, but damaging or losing gadgets during a night out is fairly commonplace.

Louise Colley, Customer Director for Aviva says: “It’s quite easy to underestimate the value of student belongings. Laptops, tablets and phones are now ‘must haves’ for the vast majority of people at university, so very quickly there can be thousands of pounds of possessions in one room. If they’re not insured, it can be a real headache – both emotionally and financially – if the worst happens.”

Protecting student possessions through home insurance

If you’ve got older children that have just started university their possessions will be insured under Aviva home insurance.

A standard household contents policy provides £5,000 cover for items “temporarily removed from the home”. So, providing the student lives at home outside of term time, their belongings will be covered. This includes belongings in a student’s room, their shared house or halls on campus and covers them for fire, storm, flood, or malicious damage. Theft is covered, but only if someone breaks into the accommodation.

What about belongings outside student accommodation?

Students will need additional personal belongings cover if they want their laptop, mobile phone and iPod covered when out and about, but if they’re on their parent’s policy they’ll be covered.

Personal Belongings cover provides £2,000 worth of cover, including £750 for cash, and a single article limit of £2,000.

Mobile phones
Mobile and smartphones that are damaged or stolen can be replaced within 48 hours of a claim being accepted.

Students’ bikes
Aviva’s home contents insurance covers bikes as standard if your cycle is stolen from inside your student home or a locked garage or shed. However if you want your bikes covered in student accommodation, and anywhere in the world, you might want to consider adding additional bike cover to your home policy.

But remember that when you’re away from home and not riding the bike, to lock it securely to an object that can’t be moved such as a concrete post or railing, to be covered for theft.

Aviva’s top tips for protecting belongings at University

  • Don’t forget to lock up… Make sure you remember to lock doors and windows every time you go out so you don’t leave your room open to opportunistic thieves
  • Get to know your flatmates… and keep an eye out for each other. This way, you’ll be able to recognise suspicious people wandering around your halls or flat
  • Travel light… Don’t carry around belongings you don’t need, these are likely to be safer locked up at home
  • Out of sight, out of mind… Don’t leave your valuables in full view when you go out, hide them away somewhere safe. The same goes for things left in your car
  • Be discreet… When you’re out and about, make sure you’re not flashing your latest gadget; this is only alerting potential thieves to what you’ve got on you
  • Register your belongings… Make sure you register any valuables on Immobilise. If they’re stolen and recovered, the police will be able to trace them back to you

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