Suffolk Barclays bank to close for the final time this week

Suffolk Barclays bank to close for the final time this week

Barclays has declared the impending closure of its Beccles branch, following in the footsteps of HSBC, which shut its doors in the town two months ago, leaving residents disappointed.

The shutdown of the Barclays branch is scheduled for November 24. In a released statement, the bank acknowledged the significant shift in customer behaviour, noting that when the branch initially opened, in-person visits were a primary method for banking. However, the evolving landscape of digital banking has provided customers with numerous alternatives, such as the Barclays app, online banking, and telephone services, leading to a decline in in-person visits.

According to the bank’s research, only 19 customers rely on this branch exclusively for their banking needs, and 19% of the branch’s clientele have used nearby branches in the past year. Recognising the impact of the closure on the community, the statement emphasises that Barclays customers can still access banking services at the Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth branches, as well as at the WHS Smith post office or the Rigbourne Hill post office.

The closure trend in local banking branches raises concerns about the accessibility of traditional banking services, prompting customers to adapt to the evolving digital landscape for their financial transactions.

For more information visit the Barclays website 

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