Video Presentation Skills Master Class for Suffolk SMEs

Video Presentation Skills Master Class for Suffolk SMEs

SMEs and micro-businesses across Suffolk can sign up for a ‘Video Presentation Skills’ workshop that will not only equip them with the skills they need to talk confidently on camera, but will help them understand why video marketing is important, and how they can reap the benefits.

The training will be delivered by Penny Morgan Photography, in partnership with Marley Bird Communications, on Wednesday 23 May, 9am – 1pm at Nowton Court in Bury St Edmunds.

During the half-day workshop, taking place delegates will be taught the skills to feel more confident on camera and learn how to accurately represent their business with clear and concise messaging. Delegates will also learn, and practise, the art of effective body language – helping them to successfully engage with their audience.

Over the last few years, video content has grown in both popularity and importance, with 81% of UK firms currently using video techniques to promote their business. This growth is partly because filming high-quality video is easier than ever before (thanks to smartphones and tablets) but also because audiences have changed the ways in which they consume content.

Thanks to social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat, audiences not only want to watch videos, but they also want to get involved and actively engage with brands.

Speaking ahead of the training, Penny Morgan said: “There are many tutorials available online which will tell you how to create a video for your business, but what they don’t do is teach people the skills they need to appear confidently on camera, nor how to communicate effectively with audiences through the words that they use.”.

“Together, we will work through a range of practical exercises which will allow delegates to understand that ‘how’ you say things is as important as ‘what’ you say. We’ll look at how you can use your voice, and what your body language is really saying – by the end of the session, delegates will leave feeling much more comfortable talking on camera.”.

Penny’s thoughts were echoed by Aisleen Bird, Managing Director of Marley Bird Communications who added: “The skills learnt during this workshop aren’t just applicable to video content but are transferable to all forms of verbal communication –  helping delegates present themselves in the right way whether pitching for new clients, speaking to new customers or simply participating in a ’60 second pitch’ during a networking event.”

This video presentation skills workshop costs just £55 +VAT. Find out more information and book your place here.

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