Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival 2019

Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival 2019

The Suffolk Skills Show is the largest employer-led skills and careers event in the area. Since it began in 2014 the event has grown from strength to strength, with continued support from schools and colleges as well as local business and 2019 will be no exception.

Over 25,000 people have visited the event in the past five years to meet employers and discover the career opportunities Suffolk has to offer.  Not only is the Show a valuable opportunity for young people to meet employers and trainers from a variety of different industries, it is a platform for businesses to talk to employees of the future.

This year’s show takes place on Wednesday 16 October at Trinity Park, Ipswich and over 90 exhibitors are expected to attend.  Booking is now open for the skills and careers event which is for people aged 11-24.

Now in its sixth year, the event was initiated in 2014 by a consortium including Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and West Suffolk College has excellent support from partners and businesses across Suffolk. ‘Cllr Gordon Jones, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education and Skills said: ‘We are incredibly grateful for all the support from local businesses, providers and schools in relation to past Skills Shows and we look forward to welcoming visitors to this year’s event.  On behalf of Suffolk County Council, I am delighted to announce that from 2019 onwards, the Suffolk Agricultural Association will not only be hosting the Skills Show but organising and leading this established career event.’

The Suffolk Agricultural Association (SAA), will deliver the event with key partners including the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA), organisers of the Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival.  Together, they will continue to build the events and ensure young people in the region are attending either one or both.

The event, previously called The Skills Show, has been rebranded to reflect the fact that it is now a joint initiative between the Suffolk Agricultural Association (SAA) and the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA).

Suffolk County Council is supporting this new way of working across counties, with the New Anglia LEP and the support of the steering committee to further enhance the opportunities for young people and businesses in the region.

Phillip Ainsworth, Chief Executive of the SAA, said: ‘We are delighted to work alongside Suffolk County Council and the New Anglia LEP to stage this event.  Creating opportunities for young people is fundamental and a key part of our own objectives.  The event successfully connects young people and businesses in our community and we look forward to working with all those involved.’

Following the 2018 show, Dayle Bayliss passed over the reins as Chair of the local Committee to Michelle Pollard, Managing Director of Spider.

Michelle said: ‘I am really excited to be taking on the position as Chair for the next 2 years.  So often we are told that our young people are not “work ready” so this show is important for both our young people of Suffolk and local companies who recognise that getting into dialogue with their talent of the future is critically important to the success of their businesses long term.  This is a direct link between 4,000 of the county’s young people and a chance for businesses to showcase their industry whilst raising the overall aspirations of students; what a perfect place to start these crucial conversations.  I’m thrilled to be part of driving the Show forward.’

The Show connects the next generation to the broad career opportunities Suffolk has available and is a great opportunity for young people to speak to experts.

Sponsorship and exhibitor packages are available, and details are listed on the website. Booking for this year’s Suffolk Skills and Careers Festival is available online at their website. 

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