Doing Business in the USA – a Suffolk Chamber Event

Doing Business in the USA – a Suffolk Chamber Event

Suffolk Chamber International, part of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, is encouraging businesses interested in both exporting to and importing from the massive US market to attend its forthcoming Doing Business in the USA event on 27 September from 9-11am at Kesgrave Hall, Ipswich.

The keynote speaker is Emanuel Adam, policy and trade director of BritishAmerican Business, the leading transatlantic business organisation, dedicated to helping companies build their business on both sides of the Atlantic.

He will be joined by Charles Macdowell, UK Representative of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, who will be specifically focusing on exporting to Suffolk, Virginia, where Suffolk Chamber has already established a number of good business contacts.

Ian Selby, retail market manager of Icon Lifesaver, manufacturers of water filters, will be speaking about his own experiences of breaking into the US market.

According to Jim Fanshawe, Suffolk Chamber International’s manager “the World Bank ranks the USA seventh in its Ease of Doing Business assessment. Add to that the common language, positive relationships, the largest economy and largest market in the world and it is easy to see why the USA is the UK’s largest export market.

“However, none of that means it is easy to succeed over the pond or that it doesn’t have its own complexities. Each state has its own procedures and legislation, not to mention huge cultural and sector differences.

“Having this excellent trio of knowledgeable and experienced professionals at one event is too good an opportunity to miss for anyone considering selling into and buying from the USA. I know that the insights and advice on offer will be of long-term value to everyone who attends.”

Bookings must be made in advance here, and members of Suffolk Chamber will receive a special discount.

Doing business overseas is a different experience for every company. There are real opportunities to trade internationally regardless of whether you have a product or service to export directly, or via an online platform.

As well as opening access to new sources of revenue, trading internationally will allow you to spread risk across a wider range of customers. It means you can extend the market for specific products and ensure that you are aware of international competition. Exporting could also be a catalyst for innovation, and can help you to gain and retain a competitive advantage in the UK as well.

As a member of Suffolk Chamber you will receive 50% off European Documentation

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