Double award sponsors announced as categories continue to pick up nominations at the Suffolk Care Awards 2023

Double award sponsors announced as categories continue to pick up nominations at the Suffolk Care Awards 2023

Two awards that frame the provisions of care are sponsored by the Suffolk Care Association (SCA), with professional and personal circumstances reflecting their involvement in the event including experiences that have led to the ‘End of Life Care’ award sponsorship. Last year’s winner also speaks out about what the awards have meant to her team.

The Suffolk Care Association (SCA) has been named as the esteemed category sponsors for two awards at this year’s highly anticipated Suffolk Care Awards. SAICP will be sponsoring the “Team of the Year” and the “End of Life Care” awards, recognising exceptional achievements and contributions within the care sector.

The Suffolk Care Awards, organised to celebrate excellence and innovation in the care industry, have become a hallmark event, acknowledging the dedication and compassion of care providers and professionals in Suffolk. The introduction of the “Team of the Year” and “End of Life Care” awards represents a commitment to honouring those who have gone above and beyond to provide outstanding care and support in their respective areas.

As category sponsors, SCA is taking an active role in recognizing the outstanding efforts of care teams and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional teamwork, empathy, and skill in delivering compassionate end-of-life care.

“We are delighted to sponsor the ‘Team of the Year’ and ‘End of Life Care’ awards at the Suffolk Care Awards 2023,” said Prema Fairburn, Chair at SCA. “These are the most crucial awards in terms of how care organisations are run, you have to have a good team that pulls together well in order to be successful in achieving outcomes.  This then benefits clients and residents.”

The “End of Life Care” award recognises individuals or teams who have shown exceptional compassion and sensitivity in providing end-of-life care to individuals and their families. This award highlights the significance of ensuring dignity, comfort, and emotional support during the most challenging moments of life.

Prema has a very personal reason for sponsoring the End of Life Care award, “My sister died of renal failure at 72, and I actually put her in my own care home and my whole family were around her and my staff were brilliant.  It made a big difference for her to know her family were around when she passed and that the staff were so compassionate and empathetic and were there to see to her needs at any point. The whole experience means I can understand `when someone is in their end of life stage without family around it means that WE become their family and we support them through to the end. It is important to make sure that their final hours are peaceful and they have support from their team.”

The “Team of the Year” award will be given to a care team that has demonstrated exceptional collaboration, professionalism, and commitment in providing care and support to their service users. This award celebrates the invaluable contributions of the collective efforts of a team in enhancing the lives of those they serve.

Prema continued “ It is difficult to get a team that gels so well and that buys into the principles and values of the organisation. It’s hard because the people that we recruit are so varied. There are lots of international recruits who all need nurturing and helping along with their cultural intelligence and support them throughout their careers. If you can get this right you are onto a winner.”

Last year’s Team of the Year winner, Joanna McCall from Home Instead Ipswich, said “Every team works hard, and everyone deserves an award as it is an amazing sector to be in. It’s that credibility. We don’t get told that very often, all you see in the news is doom and gloom, but we have incredible people working across the sector. Every single care company has amazing people with really big hearts. When we went to the award we took three clients, and they loved being involved. Their faces on behalf of us meant so much to us and them, and the occasion for them was so incredibly special. 

Joanna continued, “These awards are about recognising everyone in social care and the more we elevate what we do, the better, The people who work in care are able to blossom and grow in an industry that allows that. Some of the people in the industry may not have done so well at school and had a hard time, but they can come into an industry where there is opportunity and support for individuals to develop themselves. To recognise that on the same level as other awards in other industries. It is priceless. “

“We love how these awards reach the hearts of real people, and we are truly grateful to THE SCA for their generous support and sponsorship of these two important award categories,” said Christian Bone, CEO of Care Development East, organisers of the Suffolk Care Awards. “The ‘Team of the Year’ and ‘End of Life Care’ awards acknowledge the remarkable dedication and compassion of care professionals in Suffolk. SAICP’s involvement enhances the significance of these awards and further amplifies the impact of exceptional care within our community.”

The Suffolk Care Awards 2023 promises to be a memorable event, bringing together care providers, professionals, and stakeholders to celebrate the exceptional contributions of the care sector in Suffolk. The sponsorship of SCA underscores their commitment to the care industry’s growth and the welfare of service users across the region.

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