How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Looking after the environment is important to each and every one of us, now more than ever. We go about our days recycling as much as we can and making decisions that we know will actively benefit the world around us. Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t just restricted to your personal life but can extend to your working life also. If you are in the process of opening an office, or giving it a well-deserved makeover, you can make eco-friendly choices in your plans. When finding yourself in this position, you have come to the right place! We have created a helpful guide for making your office eco-friendly, just in time for the new year!

  • Reduce the Amount of Paper Used: Paper that is used widely in offices across the country, is well-known to have a drastic effect on the environment. By reducing the amount of paper that your office consumes, you will already be on the journey toward making your office that bit more eco-friendly. Consider making use of online documents for sending things to other colleagues within your organisation, and only printing something when absolutely necessary. If you must continue using a great deal of paper, consider using more environmentally friendly options that are available.


  • Consider Second-hand Items: When opening a business or office space, most business owners want the absolute best for their company. This doesn’t mean, that everything must be bought from new. There are an excellent range of second-hand office furniture stores across the country, providing everything you need from desks and chairs, through to filing cabinets and coffee tables. Recycled Business Furniture are an example of a company which provides second-hand office furniture to businesses across the country. With a range of furniture available at a range of prices, there is something here for you and your company, no matter the budget! Buying your furniture second-hand will ensure that the furniture is not going to waste or going to a landfill and reduces your carbon emissions. Plus, there are some beautiful pieces of furniture in second-hand stores; you never know what treasure you will be finding out there!


  • Travel Green: In an ideal world, we would encourage those wanting their businesses to be more eco-friendly to carpool with other colleagues who might be close to you, or on the route that you take into work. However, due to the pandemic this is not advised, and majority of people are continuing to work from home anyway. If you do not live too far from your place of work, consider walking in or riding a bike; not only is it good for the environment, but good for you also! Furthermore, taking public transport is also an eco-friendlier way of commuting than driving a car by yourself.


  • Plant Plants and Shrubs: While your focus might be on other parts of the office, remembering the smaller details also makes a difference when wanting to make your office eco-friendly. It is no small fact that plants and shrubs can contribute towards the quality of the air in a specific area. Having plants and shrubs within your work environment can help improve the air quality for yourself and your employees and counteract any carbon that might be produced.


Most of all, when wanting to make your business eco-friendly, don’t feel bad if you cannot do as much as you want to. Adding one or two of these changes into your business plan for the new year, can make a massive difference. It is difficult to go from one extreme to the other; leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is a transition, and this is just the beginning!

To find out more ways to make your office eco-friendly visit the Eco & Beyond website

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