Accommodating Sizewell C by supporting accommodation businesses

Accommodating Sizewell C by supporting accommodation businesses

Over 100 people attended the latest Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Sizewell C Supply Chain event last week (9 November).  The event, held at Trinity Park in Ipswich, focussed on the huge variety of accommodation services that will be required, should the proposed nuclear power station project be given the green light next year.

Sizewell C is expected to bring investment of over £4bn to the eastern region and benefit local businesses across a wide range of sectors during both its construction and operational phases.

The event was attended by companies across 18 different sectors, from laundry and security services, all the way to guesthouses, gym equipment and pest control.

They were also given key insights and updates from the Somerset nuclear new build, Hinkley Point C, which is currently half way through construction.  HOST Somerset have provided a range of services in the south west since the start and were able to talk the audience through the ways in which multiple businesses can actively work together on such a project and deliver a unique and special accommodation service to the thousands of workers and visitors to the nuclear site.

After giving a project update on behalf of Sizewell C, Steve Carroll, senior supply chain lead at Sizewell C explained: “It is once again so fantastic to see such a huge variety of businesses, all eager to find out more about the project.  Sizewell C will be a catalyst for the region and we want to see all businesses, no matter what size or sector, benefit from this project.  Hosting these events with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce always gives me such confidence that the county and the wider region is ready to take on this challenge.”

At the event, attendees also had the chance to speak to other services that can help businesses to grow and adapt in these challenging times, such as the New Anglia Growth Hub, West Suffolk College, Access Community Trust and Suffolk NHS Wellbeing.

Adding his thanks for the day, Ashley Shorey-Mills, head of supply chain engagement at Suffolk Chamber said: “When we organise these events, it makes us happy to see so many of the businesses we have been speaking to and ‘zooming’ over the recent months, come together and be so positive about this project.  We are passionate that companies from our region are ready for this opportunity and are eager to get started and take full advantage.”

To find out more visit the Sizewell C website.

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