Auditel re-energise MC Group’s growth plan

Auditel re-energise MC Group’s growth plan

Many businesses find that dealing with day to day issues prevents them from focusing on their general growth.  This was the problem faced by Peter Booth, Financial Director of leading commercial transport supplier MC Group when managing the complex energy contracts required throughout MC Group’s nine-site estate.

“As a company, we didn’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to review our energy contracts in-house,” Peter admits.

An energy solution

After meeting with Peter, Suffolk based Auditel franchisees Connect Consultancy Ltd took on the management of MC Group’s gas and electricity needs throughout the estate. Contract renewal dates were streamlined and adjusted to coincide with the company’s off-peak season, to give time for decision making, and put them in a stronger position for renegotiating when the time came.

Once renewal was up, Auditel conducted a new tender to ensure MG Group would benefit from the best current market rates. This led to a total saving so far of £85k.

A 37% saving on electricity costs was just the start

Auditel’s holistic approach not only enables their clients to get the best energy deals based on price, but also considers other factors such as customer service, efficiency and contract terms. They also look at renewable energy offers with each tender.

As Auditel’s Paul Copsey explains: “It’s about finding a best fit solution for each client’s business needs.”

Complying with legislation

MC Group fall under the remit of the Environment Agency’s ESOS legislation, requiring mandatory compliance from those that qualify. Auditel first conducted on-site energy audits, compiled reports and completed submission on behalf of MC Group for Phase 1 in 2015, and have recently done similar for Phase 2, identifying further potential savings of £83,000 pa.

Continuing support

Whilst Auditel’s assistance enabled MC Group to meet their goal of expanding their business, the team were then on-hand to offer ongoing support that enabled this growth to continue.

“All our clients benefit from our ongoing support beyond implementing their new contracts” Paul Copsey confirmed, “In many ways, that’s just the start of what we can achieve together. For example, we do things like post-audit checks to ensure unit usage and standing order charges are accurate. We also keep an eye on unusual high or low usage, and can investigate if necessary”

Peter Booth continued: “When we extended our depots, Auditel were particularly helpful. Paul Copsey liaised with contractors and oversaw the upgrade and installation of our new electric meters. This meant we were getting the best consumption and efficiency.”

Operational issues getting in the way of larger business goals? Contact Paul Copsey on 01394 338655 or via for a friendly chat about what Auditel can do for you.

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