Working from home won’t be a ‘permanent fixture of UK economy’

Working from home won’t be a ‘permanent fixture of UK economy’

Health Advisor and medical expert, Dr Charlie Easmon believes that The Chancellor of the Exchequers statement that “working from home will not become a permanent fixture of the UK economy and central London” is naïve and overlooks the many benefits (to health, family and productivity) that working from home has to offer.

“Change and adaptation are key parts of evolution.  I do not believe that thousands of years of evolution is shown as successful by thousands sitting in offices for hours. Many of those in offices had to commute for more than an hour a day. A tiny virus caused a change to this work pattern and for many it has been for the better. I acknowledge that for some working from home has been a complete or partial failure because of home based relationship tensions, lack of suitable ’office ‘ space, unsuitable seating, inadequate broadband and/or having to try to teach children at the same time as working. Many however have found working from home successful with the added benefit of less time ‘wasted’ in commuting. The aim of any enterprise is to have productive employees motivated to give their best. We now know that many employees working from home do not ‘shirk’ their duties and those who do are easily identifiable.

“As an Occupational Health Physician my view is that a great employer will consult post and pre COVID with their staff and discover preferences and work with these so that some stay at home full time, some work part time from the office and the Rishi’s of this world happily sit at their office desks and enjoy the company of their ‘friends’ at lunch and after work before their commute back to what one can only hope is a ‘happy’ household.”

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