top tips on how to keep your dog healthy this winter

top tips on how to keep your dog healthy this winter

Keeping Your Dog Healthy This Winter

When winter rolls around, the daily routine of looking after your pooch can change considerably.

After all, there are darker and colder weathers to tackle, as well as other considerations to take stock of. It’s no secret to say that dogs are our oldest friends and most loyal companions, and it’s only fair that the love they give is returned. Therefore, keeping them as healthy and strong as possible during the more turbulent season should be the priority.

But what kinds of things should you have in mind? There’s a lot to remember here, so a handy list would no doubt be useful so that you don’t forget anything.

Read on below to find out how to keep your dog fit and healthy this winter.

Improve Their Diet

In wintertime, dogs can often feel sapped of all their energy due to the cold weather, so energizing meals are what’s needed to fire them back up and prepare them for activity.

While for humans eating raw food can be dangerous, for dogs they’re living the dream with every bite. From higher nutritional value to the glow it gives them, consider feeding them some adult raw dog food. Companies like Bella and Duke ensure that all their ingredients have 100% nutritional value, which can improve the health of your bests buddy in a variety of ways. For example, they will lose weight efficiently, have improved digestion, firmer stools, and big boost to their overall energy levels. Diet plays a big role in wellbeing, and this company understands that completely.

Processed dog food often contains other ingredients and additives that can be rather undesirable for dog and owner alike. Meat can be mixed in with things like cereals and oats, and artificial elements can be introduced also. However, raw dog food gives dogs pure eating goodness, where the taste and nourishment aren’t interfered with or compromised.

Walk Them Safely

While walking your dog is an obvious solution to keeping your dog healthy, you may have to just adjust how you go about your routine here for the best results possible.

For example, you may want to outfit your dog with a fluorescent coat and a hi-vis lead or attach a light to their collar. Ensuring they’re as visible as possible during murkier days and darker afternoons will ensure both you and your best buddy are always safe as possible. After all, practical pet fashion is growing in popularity, so don’t shy away from outfitting them with coats to keep them warm and/or more visible.

The terrain changes with winter time also, so when washing your dog down after the walk, it can be a good idea to check their paws for any grit, salt, or snow that’s lodged itself in all the little crevices in their pads. Otherwise, infections and pain can follow, so it’s important to be as vigilant as possible.

Keep Indoors Warm and Cosy

After your dog has been outside in the freezing open, it’s important that they warm up as quickly as possible when they get back inside.

Everyone knows just how chilly winter can be. Last year saw scientists predict the coldest temperatures in decades, and there’s no reason to suggest things will be any better in the forthcoming years either. Therefore, your home needs to be sufficiently heated often for the wellbeing of your dog, so keep central heating on wherever possible! The bills may be a bit higher, but your dog will be much more comfortable – as will you be also!

It can also be a good idea to stock up on blankets, cushions, and anything else your dog can wrap themselves up and snuggle in. Their basket can easily be bolstered up a bit with some extra goodies, so feel free to go crazy with it all. Make sure that you’ve cleared the area around radiators too, so that you’re not obstructing the heat flow around the rooms. Your dog will also be able to sleep near them too then, if necessary!

Indoor Training and Games

Of course, sometimes winter weather can be so harsh that there is little hope of going outside on certain days at all.

Still, dogs need exercise regardless of what is occurring outside. If you’re snowed in, for example, you should then provide them with plenty of stimulation indoors through training activities and games. Fetch, recall training, hide and seek, and any other activity you can think of is a great way to keep dogs busy and entertained when you’re light on other options.

In the end, being a great pet owner in trying times means adapting to your circumstances. There is always something you can do to improve your dog’s wellbeing, no matter where you are. Get them running up and down the home instead of caving to an ‘off day’, and your pooch will be much healthier for it overtime.

To find out more on how you can keep your dog healthy this winter please visit the Bella and Duke website


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