How will holiday lets ensure a safe turnaround for customers?

How will holiday lets ensure a safe turnaround for customers?

Holiday accommodation owners across the UK are having to wrestle with a new normal when it comes to providing a quick, safe turnaround for their customers when they open for business again next month.

After announcements this week that tourist accommodation in Britain can reopen next month – albeit from different dates in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – thousands of Britons are set to book getaway breaks.

But sourcing accommodation which they know has been thoroughly sanitised and is safe to enjoy their holiday in confidence is going to be high on their priority list.
That’s why accommodation owners are having to plan what is the best, safest, and quickest way to sanitise their premises to ensure a steady stream of satisfied customers.

One solutions expert, which came to the nation’s aid by delivering one million items of PPE to UK care homes in seven days, believes it has found the answer to help holiday accommodation owners around the country keep staff and customers safe.

Eco is offering a specialist anti-virus sanitiser spray which can be used quickly and efficiently as a surface cleaner and sanitiser to provide quick-drying, long-lasting protection without leaving any residue.
The spray, which comes in a 500ml spray container, provides up to average 99.9999% efficacy against pathogenic organisms, and is 100% compliant with all international hand hygiene protocols and EU Biocidal Products Regulations.

Eddie Black, Eco’s managing director, said: “In our business we have been experts in sanitisation for more than ten years now.
“This is one of the best solutions I have come across when it comes to a quick, efficient, user-friendly, anti-virus solution which will keep people safe in a range of environments.
It’s ideal for any holiday accommodation, from individual self-catering cottages to large caravan parks, from big hotels to small guest houses”.

Eddie continues, “Whatever the type of accommodation it will allow premises to be quickly and safely sanitised when turning around accommodation for new visitors. This is the ideal solution to incorporate into daily cleaning tasks, and to be part of any tourism accommodation owner’s daily routine”.

Eco, which is based in Scotland and Cumbria, has also assembled a full range of contamination control technologies suitable for shopping complexes, holiday resorts, factories, offices, sports stadiums, concert venues, cinemas and theatres, including hygiene portals, testing pods, thermal imaging cameras, biometric face recognition, pre-book scanning systems, and pop-up polytunnels and buildings.

Eddie said: “We are looking at long-term, flexible solutions which will provide contamination control and peace of mind. When all the other cleaning tasks are done this is a fast, easy and effective way of giving accommodation an extra level of protection to give owners, staff and all guests full confidence and peace of mind.”

“We will achieve this with a combination of future-proof and adaptable technologies.”

Eddie explained that making sure the technologies are affordable, and value for money, is also key.

“The health and well-being of people is our number one priority and anyone running any business, knows they are going to have to spend some money to ensure they are doing everything they can to provide a safe environment for their staff and their customers.”

Eco’s emergency rapid response solutions division has already helped the nation in its time of need.
As well as delivering one million items of PPE to UK care homes within a week, its sanitising solutions have been helping a UK factory, making material for visors for the NHS, keep operating 24/7.

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