Phoebe Cheung is one of the newest members to join Student Life

Phoebe Cheung is one of the newest members to join Student Life

18-year-old Phoebe Cheung is one of the newest members to join the regional mental health charity, Student Life.   

“I first got involved with Student Life about 3 years ago. My Mum saw the charity’s social media post, they were looking for crew members/ story teller for their second film ‘Speak up, Speak out’ – an anti-bullying film. I got in contact with them wanting to share my own story and before i knew it i was in front of the camera. I loved the entire experience and have continued to volunteer right up until I finished my A-levels this year.” Phoebe told us.   

She continues, “I used to be set on going to University, getting the Uni experience and taking a course that would lead me in to the design industry or have my own publishing company one day, but after being in lockdown, stuck with online lessons during the most crucial year of my studies, it just didn’t feel right. The pandemic took a massive toll on my mental health. I lost motivation, I would lie and say my mic is broken or that my Wi-Fi was playing up because I didn’t want to attend. I lost complete touch with the outside world to the point where I didn’t want to go on walks with my Mum and Dad when we finished work and school. It was when I returned to Sixth Form and had to write my personal statement for my University application, that I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. On the way to visit my head of Sixth Form to ask for help, I saw the Student Life magazine and read it cover to cover. When I got home, I contacted the CEO Richard and asked if there was a possibility of getting involved more permanently after my A-levels. I was offered an interview and the opportunity to prepare a social media plan to present to the HQ team, and here I am today as Student Life’s Social Media Manager.”  

“Phoebe has always been very keen and up to date with every project or opportunity we have presented over the years and so when she came to us looking for a more permanent role after her studies, we were more than happy to discuss her future with us” said Richard Stewart, Student Life CEO. 

“To think this all started from one post that my Mum came across 3 years ago. Now I just want to do the same for other young people and use social media to raise awareness and break the 1-in-4 stigma around mental health, especially after my experience in lockdown.”      

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