Muntons helps kickstart the World’s Biggest Round

Muntons helps kickstart the World’s Biggest Round

Stowmarket-based maltsters, Muntons, is helping provide clean drinking water to thousands by supporting an initiative called The World’s Largest Round.

Buying a pint for a friend during the festive season is a small act of kindness done by millions of us over Christmas. But what if the cost of that pint could unlock thousands of litres of clean drinking water for someone in a place where safe water to drink is a luxury? What if you could join forces with other like-minded drinkers to get in the World’s Largest Round and help  thousands of people this Christmas, all for the cost of a pint.

Muntons provide quality malts that go into Brewgooders Clean Water Lager, therefore it is only fitting that they are supporting this cause.

Muntons will be buying 2500 for their customers, suppliers, friends and family. They would like to invite you to do the same by donating £4.50 to help fund new projects and bring safe water to thousands of people in Malawi and Kenya.

Muntons Executive Director, Alan Ridealgh, comments “Buying a round of beers knowing your malts are in that beer is always something to be proud of, to be able to buy a round at this scale that provide so many with clean water, is even more rewarding.

“To join in, simply head to and choose the number of pints you want to donate and see the impact this donation will have as it is tallied with other drinkers adding to the round. You’ll be sent a downloadable PDF which can be used to gift the pint donation to a friend or family member as a
Secret Santa Gift or a stocking-filler.”

Pictured: Alan Ridealgh sporting Brewgooder’s Jingle Wells jumper ahead of buying us all a round!

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