Meet Jade Dye, the artist behind Larking Gowen’s Eleanor the Adventurer

Meet Jade Dye, the artist behind Larking Gowen’s Eleanor the Adventurer

Larking Gowen has commissioned an adventurous Elmer from artist Jade Dye, for this summer’s Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk campaign in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice. The amazing Elephant goes by the name ‘Eleanor the Adventurer’. 

“My design is inspired by my love of Fantasy art,” explains Jade Dye, who works as a web developer at the University of Suffolk. “My Elmer wears a cape and she has a real sense of adventure!” Jade adds.

Both Elmer, the popular patchwork elephant, and St Elizabeth Hospice, which supports people with a progressive or terminal illness, celebrate their 30th anniversaries this year.

“We’re proud to be an Early Bird Herd sponsor of Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk as part of our continuing support of St Elizabeth Hospice,” says Becky Ames, Partner at Larking Gowen. “We love Jade’s design. Her Elmer is a lovely character who will capture the hearts of everyone who sees her on the trail.”

Campaign Manager, Norman Lloyd, said, “It is great that Larking Gowen are getting to know their artist – and of course their sculpture! They’ve got really involved so far and done a fantastic job fundraising so we can’t wait to see what else they have planned during the trail.”

Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk features 140 unique Elmers, and runs through Ipswich from June to September. It builds on the successful Pigs Go Wild trail in 2016, which raised over £200,000 for the Hospice, and brought a £1 million boost to the local economy.

“St Elizabeth Hospice do an incredibly important job for our local community,” Jade concludes, “I am sure Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk will bring joy in difficult circumstances.”

For more information on Eleanor the Adventurer and the Elmers Big Parade please visit their website 

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