Anglia Drain Doctor supports DIY SOS With Mildenhall Project

Anglia Drain Doctor supports DIY SOS With Mildenhall Project

Anglia Drain Doctor has been supporting the DIY SOS team for a Big Build project in Mildenhall. Once complete, the Big Build will make significant changes to the home of Simon Dobbin and his family.

Simon suffered a brutal, unprovoked attack by a gang of men in 2015 leaving him permanently brain damaged. He needs changes to his living accommodation to aid his rehabilitation and relieve some of the strain on his family. The work will include a downstairs extension with provision for Mr. Dobbin’s care, which falls largely to his wife, Nicole.

The project is reliant on the support and generosity of the local community and tradespeople offering their services.

The team at Anglia Drain Doctor have provided a CCTV drain survey – which is the best technique for examining the inside of drains without having to dig them up. It is carried out by putting a CCTV camera into the drainage system to locate and identify a blockage, leak or other issue which cannot be seen from above ground, or simply to check the condition of the pipe. The footage is viewed live by one of Drain Doctor’s trained technicians.

CCTV surveys of pipes, drains, and sewers have been proven to be the most cost effective way of detecting drain problems, identifying the source of the problem and making the drain repair. A CCTV survey can identify problems with tree roots, cracked drain, grease and fat build up and ground movement.

The DIY SOS show featuring Mr. Dobbin and his family will air in 2018.

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