Why Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting Your Own Business?

Why Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting Your Own Business?

Have you reached a point in your professional life where it’s time for a change? Do you want to feel more in control and finally know what it’s like to be upper management? Just because you’re ready for this kind of change, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to start your business though; instead, you may want to look into the benefits that buying a franchise can offer. Here are some of the top reasons why buying a franchise instead of starting your own business could be a smart move.

Lower the Level of Risk Involved

Starting a business is one of the riskiest moves you can make when it comes to career choices and paths. It doesn’t matter how great of an idea you have, how much planning you have done, or how passionate you are about your business; it is often a steep uphill climb for entrepreneurs, and it will take a lot of work and dedication to make it a success.

One way you can lower the risk profile is to purchase a franchise. You will still be opening your own business, but it is rooted in an established brand. That means you have automatic brand awareness and even brand loyalty before you open the doors. There will still be challenges, but there tends to be fewer of them, certainly in those beginning weeks and months as you try to build a customer base.

You Have Much-Needed Support

Another benefit of purchasing a franchise is the support that is offered. Opening your own business means you’re the person that has to do all the problem-solving. It’s up to you to have solutions to all problems and know the direction/path that needs to be taken. That can be very overwhelming, and you’re bound to make some mistakes.

When you purchase a franchise, you will have access to much-needed support from day one. That means support with training, marketing, installing, and setting up various systems, inventory buying power – the list goes on and on. The support shouldn’t be underestimated.

There Are Plenty of Different Franchise Opportunities

Unless you have been actively looking for a franchise for sale, you may not realise just how many opportunities there are. There are the big-name franchises that everyone knows about, and then there are small and medium-sized franchises that can be just as intriguing. You can visit Franchise Local to get a better understanding of the opportunities that exist. The site acts as a directory for more than 450 UK franchises currently for sale. Simply pick an industry or market segment that appeals to you and use them directly to search within that category.

There’s No Need for Previous Franchise Experience

Finally, when you purchase a franchise, there is no need to have previous experience. Because the support network is so strong, you can lean on it and depend on it to help you as you learn about the business and the industry.

If you’re keen on owning your own business, you may want to look into the opportunities that owning a franchise can provide.


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