5 qualities that make a great administrator

5 qualities that make a great administrator

An administrator covers a wide variety of responsibilities to ensure the smooth-running of a business. If you’re looking to recruit an administrator or to start an admin career here are 5 top qualities that are key to administrative success.


An administrator needs to be able to think on their feet, organise a to-do list and prioritise tasks by the deadline. They need to be able to keep track of multiple workstreams for different stakeholders and have a reliable memory and meticulous nature.

Time Management

Multitasking and working under pressure can be prevalent so time management skills are vital. The ability to prioritise is fundamental to ensure the smooth running of the team. Taking responsibility for meeting deadlines and checking information helps to ensure that nothing is missed and nobody is let down.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills such as verbal communication, problem-solving and listening skills are essential in an administrative role. It is likely an administrator will have to interact with colleagues, clients and customers via telephone and face-to-face. Listening is important to enable them to accurately take messages and relay information to colleagues alongside handling customer queries and concerns.

Customer Focus

In addition to communication, having a customer focused approach is a desirable quality in an administrator. When dealing with various clients on a daily basis an administrator will need to be helpful and reliable in offering support to clients and ensuring they have a positive experience with the business.

Administrators need to have attentiveness and patience to help with handling customers (and colleagues) who might be confused and frustrated. A desire to learn is also helpful to build their knowledge of the business’ products and services so they can assist with queries.


Dependent upon the role, some administrators need management skills to direct others and review their performance. Senior Administrators may be required to manage a team.

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