The rising cost of living is affecting businesses and their supply chains

The rising cost of living is affecting businesses and their supply chains

As manufacturing costs increase, there is only so much that a business can do to protect consumers. Eventually, they will have to pass on the cost increase.

The costs of living crisis is one that’s hitting many hard. The coronavirus has taken its toll on many, and just when it seemed like there might be some sunshine on the horizon, another challenge threatens to reduce your sales and make running your business a bit tougher.

The internet sales boom is set to be affected by the cost-of-living crisis because people are already struggling with high energy bills and rising living costs. This means that instead of spending extra money on small treats like flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, they’ll be looking for ways to save money at home. The result could be fewer people shopping online this winter – which wouldn’t be good news for retailers!

Businesses can cut costs by outsourcing their warehousing – which is where Velocity comes in!

Running a warehouse is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Staff, property, rates, IT, forklifts, security, health and safety, insurances—the list goes on. What’s more, the fluctuation in demand for your products will mean that most of the time you’re either spending too much or not enough on these overheads.

Warehouse outsourcing removes the daily grind of managing these costs while still being cost-effective compared to running your own warehouse; you only pay for the space and time you actually use on a weekly basis.  It can also protect your brand from negative press if you are not able to deliver goods on time due to stock shortages due to higher costs.

The world’s most valuable brands such as Apple, Nike and Unilever all outsource their warehousing needs because they recognise that it allows them stay focused on what they do best – selling products!

Whether you should outsource your warehouse and fulfillment depends on your specific business needs. If you have high order volumes or your product requires quality checking/gift-wrapping/reworking, it can make sense to consider entrusting a specialist company.

Whether you’re selling via Amazon, eBay or your own website, we can help you reduce wasted spend, reduce carrier costs and reclaim your valuable time – all while making sure that customers get their orders on time and in perfect condition.

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