The real cost of continuing to use an onsite server

The real cost of continuing to use an onsite server

Are you the proud owner of an on-site server? When you think about it, it’s like having an old house cat… give them enough attention and keep them cosy and you’ll have a friend for years, purring away happily in its special place. However, fail to do that at any point, and you’ll get bitten where it hurts, usually when you least need or expect it.

So if you’re thinking about replacing your old server with a new one onsite, or you’re toying with new ways to increase the ways your IT can boost your business, then read this before you make a decision, because Corbel may have the perfect solution for you.

Food for thought

  • On-site equipment will require a capital investment for new hardware and infrastructure
  • You’ll need space in your office for a rack or server room
  • Ensuring your servers can serve your business means having technical staff. Is their training up to date? Do they know how to get the best from your equipment? There’s nothing worse than buying expensive equipment and not getting the most out of it
  • Have you got the considerable environmental controls required to cool your servers?
  • How good is your internet connection? Most businesses only have a single link-up and your servers are only as good as your internet connection
  • Can your server specialists guarantee a recovery time if your equipment falters? Don’t forget, anything longer than two hours of down time will seriously impact on your business
  • Does your current set-up allow your staff to work remotely?
  • Are you equipped to tackle the ever changing threat of modern cyber-crime? Cyber criminals never sleep, and they’re always finding ways through security updates. If your server’s protection isn’t up to date, these keyboard crims will be rubbing their hands with glee. With onsite servers, it’s vital you maintain all the security policies and access details yourself. Has your team got the time and training to handle that?

 Corbel can take care of it all for you

 On-site servers were once the only option for businesses. But now, Cloud services offer a way forward that’s much more in tune with modern requirements. We’ll replace your expensive to maintain onsite equipment with offsite, easily accessed and secure infrastructure which grows as you grow. Forget the the need for costly and disruptive upkeep, we’ll take care of that at our offsite, secure and expert staffed data centre.

We’ll free you from worries about internet access, overheating equipment and security issues – because we provide your valuable data with the kind of security you can’t easily create in the average office environment. As we are always telling people, having secure off-site servers is like keeping your valuables in a safe, rather than under your mattress. With 24/7 monitoring of your server by a team of experts, we’ll also guarantee super swift recovery times. And guess what, as your business continues to grow, our offering will grow with you.

Worried your onsite server can’t cut it? Visit for a better solution.

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