The Best UK Universities for modern business education

The Best UK Universities for modern business education

Business education has been divided into multiple new categories and subcategories now, in order to keep the branch of education as a whole updated with all the latest developments. Irrespective of the vastness of modern business education, the number of universities which top the list have remained fairly slim and constant even today. Not that new names have not come up, especially in the online education sector, but the old and established universities such as Oxford and Lancaster have held their own and still remain among the best universities for business students in UK. Here is a list of the top UK universities.

Saïd Business School (University of Oxford)

The Oxford Saïd Business School was only established back in 1996, but it is very much an official part of the world’s oldest and most respected University of Oxford. As one would expect from any other department of the Oxford University, the Saïd Busines School has remained within the top ten universities in Europe for years now.

London Business School

Although Oxford still tops the chart across many other fields of higher education in UK, the London Business School is by far the most coveted and respected business school in the UK at the moment. The institution’s reputation among business students has only increased since its founding year in 1964, and in 2020, it is not just the most popular British university right now for students pursuing higher education in business; it’s also one of the most popular business schools in the whole world.

Any student expecting their application to be accepted at the university has to have the grades and/or business experience to match the specific degree. Unfortunately, even when someone has been accepted, they may find it difficult to avail the desired course right now, given that London is not a particularly easy or cheap place to find student accommodation, especially under the ongoing circumstances. It is advised to pay a visit to Scape UK first, and check with them regarding the availability of student accommodation at one of their many Covid-secure facilities located across Surrey, Brighton and of course, London.

Imperial College Business School

It is no surprise that another one of the top business schools in the United Kingdom is also situated in London, just as most of them are! The Imperial College Business School was established by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in 2004, and it has held the imperial name high by producing successive batches of highly successful students ever since. It should be noted that the Imperial College Business School is also the most diversified business school in London, as more than 90% of the students in it are foreign by citizenship.

Finally, we have the Lancaster University Management Schoo

Lancaster University Management School

l, which was established in the same year as the London Business School, that is in 1964. According to rankings by reputed media channels such as the Financial Times, for example, Lancaster’s business school curriculum has been ranked even above that of the Harvard Business School’s in the past.

Even though their rankings have fallen a bit since, the Lancaster University Management School is still among the best UK universities for business students. Other top UK business universities not mentioned so far include Alliance Business School (University of Manchester), University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the Warwick Business School (University of Warwick).

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