Retirement is just the beginning

Retirement is just the beginning

Business Coach Philip Budd helps businesses bloom

Winding down in retirement may be a thing of the past. More people are embracing the newfound freedom in retirement with a change of career. According to the Department for Work and Pensions, employment rates for the over 50s grew from 55.8% in 1984 to 71.2% in 20161, and 82% of the growth in UK employment in 2019 came from the over 50s2. This demonstrates that it’s never too late to grab a fulfilling and enjoyable new career or never too late to set up your own business.

After 30 years as a Senior Manager in the public sector, green-fingered Sean Coyne saw retirement as the perfect opportunity to embrace his lifelong interest in horticulture by launching independent lawn care specialists Apeiron UK®.

Whilst already having experience of starting and running a successful business, Sean received expert advice and support by signing up to the Business Growth Programme. Business Coach, Phil Budd instills knowledge and confidence in his clients through his business education course, enabling them to create a long-term business plan for sustainable growth.

Philip said; “My role isn’t to tell you how to run your business, it is to help get you clarity and focus, to run your business the best it can be.”

As well as helping Sean focus on and create a 10-year plan for his business, he benefited from the different perspectives and experiences of the other course attendees and his business experienced real growth.

Sean commented; “Although a 10-year plan sounds like an ambitious road map, one of the key things I realised with Phil’s help was that what I wanted to achieve probably wasn’t realistic in a shorter period of time! It has really given a focus for what I want to work towards as well as the plan of how we are going to get there in terms of growth and maturing of the company.”

Philip continued; “It can take someone from outside your business to help you gain the perspective you need, to focus on the priorities and strategies that will make a difference to the growth of your business – taking your business from good to great.”

By focusing on a range of marginal gains across his business, in 2020 Sean was able to grow his business by 50% during the pandemic. Proving that the world continues to be his oyster since retirement, Sean has expanded his staff size, enlisted the support of his son, and grown the business from 60 clients in the first year to around 170 currently.

Need help to gain the perspective on how to grow your business to reach your goals? Visit the Philip Budd Action Coach website for more information


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