Preparing your people for 2021

Preparing your people for 2021
One of the many painful lessons 2020 has taught us is that the future rarely unfolds like we’d want it to. In fact, it’s probably better to ditch the predictions at this point and assume 2021 is going to bring further surprises, tests of resilience, and of course new opportunities… for those in a position to reach for them.

The best way to prepare for those challenges is to invest in your strongest assets… your people. And by setting aside the time and resources to upskill your team, you’ll be in a stronger position to weather whatever storms appear on the horizon, and meet (not to mention exceed) your goals for 2021 and beyond.
Empowerment is the buzzword for 2021
At ABSTRACT, our learning and development programmes are tailored to the specific needs of our clients’ businesses, corporate objectives and departmental goals. Our focus is on creating individual and group behavioural transformation, and enabling the business to benefit from the full potential of its people.
And in the spirit of adaptability and resilience, our renowned face to face programmes are now being successfully delivered virtually with the same excellent feedback around interaction, engagement and learning outcomes. So, no matter what the pandemic brings, or where your team is based, we can provide the same high quality content and delivery to give your team the edge.
Plus, as our online programmes have proven themselves to be just as successful as our face to face format, both methods will be here to stay, long after social distancing has relaxed.
Create strong and considerate leaders who can motivate and inspire their teams
Our You As A Leader Programme is increasingly influencing the style and behaviours of business leaders worldwide. It isn’t about ripping up the playbook, but taking ten vital components of modern-day leadership, and using them to positively challenge your existing and future talent.
Your leaders will come away with an improved ability to deploy strategic thinking. Plus, they will gain strong team building and coaching skills that will improve your business at every level.
Time to transform your business into a high performing team?
Your people are most effective when fully engaged and clear on what is their responsibility and what they are accountable for. Our Critical Thinking Series is designed to help you unlock their full potential through a programme that challenges the way they behave, think and act at all levels.
It’s about establishing the right organisational character, one that aligns with your Vision, Purpose and Values. And for the individuals on this programme, it’s about developing the right skills to drive effective decision making, which will ultimately propel your business towards greater success.
This programme builds resilience for your business, and your people. And it’s highly regarded. Indeed, 92% of delegates rated content and delivery as excellent.
Upskill your managers to effectively coach their teams to high performance levels
Our You As A Manager Programme challenges your managerial talent to reset their beliefs and take on new tools. This will enable them to deliver brilliant 1:1s, appraisals and coaching sessions.
They will build on this with further skills to enhance their sensory acuity for the development and performance of their people. And it’s those heightened coaching skills that will deliver those boosts to productivity, job satisfaction and staff retention within your teams.
Leadership coaching that guarantees improved business results.
Supporting your leaders to grow and become even more developmental and strategic is key to reaching your corporate goals during challenging times. From thinking clearly under pressure to creating effective executive strategy, our coaching programme is designed to draw out the best in your leaders.
And when we talk about guaranteed results, we’re serious. Because 100% of our Leadership Coaching clients have reported positive improvements to their business since completing the programme.
Looking to ACCELERATE your female talent?
Need to shift gender dials in your organisation? Want to create a wider gender-neutral leadership programme that opens your business up to a larger internal talent pool than ever before? Our AMBITION and ACCELERATE programmes are specifically aimed at advancing the talent at all levels of your organisation and is being delivered to both mixed gender and all female groups.
Past participants have reported a profound impact on their lives and careers. In fact, 64% of ACCELERATE delegates report being subsequently promoted into higher positions, or developing wider roles and responsibilities, within their existing role.
Don’t let 2021 catch you off guard. Make room in your budget for investing in your people.  Visit the ABSTRACT website 

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