Outsourcing Janitorial Services: 7 Reasons to Consider It

Outsourcing Janitorial Services: 7 Reasons to Consider It

Janitorial services are essential for keeping your business clean, tidy and presentable. While in-house janitorial staff are maintained in many businesses, an increasing number of organisations are outsourcing these requirements to specialist firms.

But what are the tangible benefits of making such a decision? Here are 7 reasons why outsourcing janitorial services could make sense for your company.

1.  Outsourcing allows your organisation to concentrate on its core services, rather than spend time and resources on managing janitorial requirements

2. Your organisation saves money. A specialised firm eliminates the need for full time staff, along with the management of tax, payroll etc. Money is saved on uniforms, inventory and maintenance. A specialist janitorial service provider can give a more efficient, more cost-effective service

3. Specialist cleaning firms – such as Monthind Clean – value their staff by giving them good pay and conditions, together with ongoing training and career development opportunities. Investing in human capital quite simply means more motivated personnel and better operational results

4. Staff availability issues become a thing of the past. Specialist janitorial service providers have access to a pool of dedicated staff, eliminating problems over absences and holidays often faced by in-house janitorial departments

5.  Access to the latest, most efficient cleaning equipment. A specialist firm benefits from ongoing investment in machines and equipment that simply cannot be matched by an in-house department. Outsourcing also means the elimination of investing in these items

6. Outsourced janitorial services can be modified to meet your organisation’s needs and budget. They can be increased or decreased quickly and without having to deal with raising or reducing in-house staffing levels

7. Ecologically friendly service provision. By using a janitorial service like that of Monthind Clean, you can rest assured that the cleaning products and systems used by janitorial staff support environmental sustainability

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