Masterlord’s Epsilon House receives a face lift

Masterlord’s Epsilon House receives a face lift

The team at Masterlord Office Village share their news on Epsilon House’s much awaited building works.

“In this world of email, instant messages and questions answered with a tap of the enter key, we have become accustomed to things happening with speed. Messages answered with a simple click on ‘reply’ –  queries sent with the expectation of a swift response. Anything and everything can be delivered the next day and in some cases even the same afternoon. With all this emphasis on instant, it can bring us up short when something doesn’t happen as quickly as we expect.

Like repairing our front window and frame after an unfortunate clashing of building and automobile!

It is finally happening though, after almost a year since the incident  – our front frame and window are being replaced. We are excited to be heading into the new year with a little face lift however we are looking at a short period of upheaval so please do be aware if you are visiting us here at Epsilon House.

From the 6th December, entrance to the building will be around the back and reception and like Harry Potter, we will be tucked away under the stairs although thankfully without any spiders. It is small space however with the Christmas tree up it is very cosy and there will of course be the same warm welcome.

We have made a huge effort to be as prepared as possible for the disruption with signage pointing people in the right direction and having forewarned everyone we can think of from delivery drivers to Santa (just in case!)”.

Masterlord is offering a special Christmas offer this festive season – take an office now and pay nothing until January 2019!

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