Leadership & Life Chat – Be more Labrador! Building trust at work with Darryl Stickel PhD

Leadership & Life Chat – Be more Labrador! Building trust at work with Darryl Stickel PhD

Darryl’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Darryl was already living with degenerative eyesight, resulting in becoming legally blind, when he was brutally attacked at 17. Rather than recoiling from the world and pursuing resentment, he decided to embrace empathy and his life and career of thinking was brought hastily forward. Darryl achieved his doctorate at Duke University and wrote his thesis on building trust in hostile environments.

Inspired by Darryl’s guide dog Drake, who serves as his company’s ‘Director of Goodness’ (DOG), they talk about how to pursue a life of positivity, integrity, embracing neutrality in toxic work relationships, and how vulnerability is the key to building trust, which is proven to improve business levels.

Mark and Darryl nerd out on their shared interest in tribalism and the bigger philosophical questions around leadership and discuss Darryl’s equation: Uncertainty x vulnerability = risk.

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