Beyond the hype – The relevance of blogging in 2023

Beyond the hype  – The relevance of blogging in 2023

In a candid reflection, Hayley Shave, MD at The Bridge Marketing, admits she hasn’t been keeping up with her website’s blog as much as she’d like to. She’s well aware of the importance of practicing what she preaches to her clients and recently revisited why having a blog is crucial for any business. Here, she emphasises the lasting value of blogging.

1. Keeping your business ‘Top of Mind’

In the fiercely competitive marketplace, maintaining brand visibility and audience engagement is no easy feat. Regularly publishing captivating and relevant blogs, whether self-authored or curated by the adept team of copywriters at The Bridge Marketing, proves to be an effective strategy. These blogs not only keep the audience engaged but also subtly promote the company through valuable insights and thought-provoking content.

Shave emphasizes the versatility of blogs, highlighting how they can be leveraged to promote various forms of multimedia content like videos, podcasts, and interviews. This holistic approach enriches a website and caters to diverse audience preferences.

2. Attracting new clients

Blogging emerges as an invaluable tool in the digital age for driving website traffic and enhancing search engine rankings. Each blog post contributes to a stronger online presence, making it easier for potential clients to discover a business. With the right strategy, blogs can magnetize new clients, drawing them in through informative and engaging content.

3. Creating a community

Blogging extends beyond broadcasting thoughts; it’s about nurturing a community of like-minded individuals. Sharing blogs on social media platforms opens doors to a diverse audience and sparks discussions. Shave emphasizes the importance of monitoring blog traction via analytics tools, enabling businesses to refine their approach and cultivate a thriving online community around their content.

4. Building your reputation

Written content holds a special place in the hearts of discerning consumers. Shave emphasizes that documenting expertise in writing adds trustworthiness and reliability to a business’s reputation. To bolster this reputation, she advises ensuring blogs provide helpful, accurate, and well-researched content that imparts knowledge and encourages meaningful discussions.

5. A form of advertising

Blogs, Hayley reveals, aren’t just informative; they’re persuasive. Crafting a series of articles to promote a product or service can be as effective, if not more so, than traditional advertisements. Statistics show that a significant 63% of consumers base their purchase decisions on recommendations found in blog posts. Blogs offer the space to delve into finer details and provide insights that traditional marketing methods might miss.

In a world where marketing strategies and tools continuously evolve, blogging remains an enduring and unquestionably relevant practice. Regardless of specific needs, a well-executed blog is a versatile instrument for driving website traffic, expanding an audience, and connecting with new clients.

For those seeking support in their marketing strategy or in need of the expertise of a skilled copywriter to enhance their brand, Hayley warmly invites them to reach out to The Bridge Marketing. She encourages businesses to explore the possibilities and discover howThe Bridge Marketing can elevate their digital presence in 2023 and beyond. The door is open, and the opportunities await. 

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