Canine Creche anticipate animal legislation review 12 months on

Canine Creche anticipate animal legislation review 12 months on

Long awaited new legislation for animal businesses has been in force for a year, and we are now approaching a period of review with more changes likely.

Dog daycare businesses, boarding kennels and most businesses that service the animal care sector have had to comply with new legislation for a year now, so what impact has it had?

Candace Rose, MD and Founder of Canine Creches in the UK, participated in the consultation at parliament level to ensure Daycare legislation was on track and she says; “We think that overall for daycare and kennels many businesses have invested to change or improve standards, layout and staff-to-dog ratios”

“We have seen enrichment at establishments that have not offered this previously, and those that have not made these adjustments have seen it reflected in their environmental rating.  We work with many businesses to assist them change their poor ratings, and it is a relief that standards are improving”

“Ratings are similar to food ratings, with one being the poorest and five being the best that any business can achieve, all ratings should now be visible on council websites for the general public to view, or a quick phone call will confirm.”


“Dog owners understand enrichment and their expectations have increased along with this knowledge.  Establishments should separate their areas and spaces.  Not all dogs should be together in day care in the same room, they all have different needs, much the same as children in a nursery, canine facilities are required to clearly separate area’s and zones.

“At all of our Creche’s, we already have separate rooms, areas and zones, where different levels of enrichment occur, such as fast and physical games for more high-energy dogs, puppy introduction areas and socialisation zones, and a special area for our golden oldies.

“Our activity areas all offer something for every dog; brain games, power naps and sleeping areas, we have quiet zones, wet areas (for dogs that want to splash and swim), and we have our famous THEMED WEEKS.”

Themed weeks normally match up with national or local current events, and are a format that ensures variety (enrichment), different toys and activities are used to align with these events, such as Royal Ascot, Howl-O-Ween, Harry Paw-ter @ Dogwarts, Armed Forces Week and seasonal events such as Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas Paw-ties.

So its not just about dressing up dogs then? Rose laughs “Gracious no its not, it really ensures that we keep it varied and fresh, we never play the same old games week in and out, with the same old tired toys, these weeks promote enrichment.  The dogs do not really care whether we come in with a cabbage, they are immediately interested – what’s happening? what are the rules?  what do they need to do?   We pique their interest, it is also one of the key reasons why dogs do not bark when attending Creche, they are too busy, and never bored!”

So what advice would you give to someone seeking dog daycare or a kennel? “Look at websites and social media pages, check out their visuals, so photos and videos, have they got toys out? Can you see staff? When you visit the premise can you view as much as possible?  Does it smell clean? And most importantly VERIFY the RATING, we are proud to have a five star rating.”

Pending themed weeks are Poppy Week and a two week DOGWARTS special, where the dogs get sorted into houses, and they join Harry Paw-ter and become wizards….and of course Christmas Parties are all planned.

For more information on these and to discuss your dog care requirements please call 01473 636151 and speak to the Canine Creche team.

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