Fitness Expert gives his top tips on how to improve your running technique

Fitness Expert gives his top tips on how to improve your running technique

“Every year, people are inspired by the athletes taking part in the London Marathon. Running is seen as one of the easiest activities to start because there’s no equipment involved – all you need is a good pair of trainers. However, if you are new to running, it’s important that you take your time to build up your fitness gradually. Don’t worry about setting any personal bests – instead, you should just take it easy with a conservative pace until your body is conditioned correctly.”

“Secondly, where possible, I’d recommend complementing your running routine with some form of weight training. This will ensure that your body has the right structure in place to help your joints cope with the impact which comes with running. It’s also important to make sure that you stretch after you’ve finished your run to help your muscles recover from the exercise.”

For new runners, the NHS’s popular Couch to 5k training app is a great way to get started as it breaks down a full training programme, allowing people to build up their stamina and fitness gradually. Within just nine weeks, runners can expect to be able to run a full 30 minutes (or 5k) comfortably without stopping.

Sam adds: “The Couch to 5k app is ideal for beginners as it’s designed to help you get started, without running the risk of injury. At this time of year, running is a fantastic way to improve your health and fitness – as the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than taking a jog through your local park. It can not only improve your physical fitness, but it can help you clear your mind and reduce some of the stresses of daily life. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Sam works with a range of clients, helping them to improve their health and fitness goals through regular personal training sessions as well as online coaching. To find out how Sam can support you this summer, visit

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