What should your business be shouting about this December?

What should your business be shouting about this December?

If you’re looking for ideas to help fill your business’ marketing channels, then you’ve come to the right place. The Bridge Marketing produce a monthly media calendar, for inspirational material for your social media posts and beyond.

As it happens, December has plenty of gifts to offer your marketing team, so read on.

Local calendar

Is Santa visiting your premises? Are your staff having a sponsored Christmas jumper day? Be sure to get pictures up on social media to give your brand a signal boost and show you’re getting into the spirit of things. It’s a great way to humanise what you do and reach out to people.

The dark of December is kept at bay with plenty of Christmas Fairs, with Lavenham and Aldeburgh hosting events early in the month. Ipswich of course has their annual Christmas market. If you’re involved in events like these, make sure to shine a bit of light of your own on your participation with a few media posts.

December is a busy month for marketers, but whilst Santa may be resting come January, there are still plenty of big dates to keep your social media efforts moving in the new year. See you then!

National Calendar

We all know there’s one big date in December. And the run up to Christmas means every kind of media will be flooded with festive offers, deals and advertisements. There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow and putting your products and services out there, and you should. However, the Christmas saturation of media channels means it pays to be unique, so you don’t get lost in the tide. For instance, a Facebook post giving advice on how your product can be used to reduce the cost of Christmas, or a guide to throwing an office party without breaking the bank might draw interest. Can you find an angle that promotes your offering whilst having further interest?

December is also one of the darkest and dingiest months, weather-wise. Posting advice on avoiding winter colds, escaping SAD and dealing with general winter blues can draw interest from people at this time of year. Can your business products or services do anything to alleviate these kinds of conditions?

Did you know December is also Safe Toys and Gifts month? If this chimes with your business, it’s a great cause to highlight, and an opportunity to explain how you ensure your products are safe and suitable for your customer base.

World AIDS Day (1st), International Volunteer Day (5th) and Human Rights Day (10th) are all worthy issues that are in the diary this month. It’s a great excuse to highlight any volunteer schemes you or your company has taken part in with a post or two. And raising money and awareness for any of these causes is a great way to inspire people whilst highlighting your brand.

Hanukkah also begins on the 12th. A few words of respect and best wishes for people celebrating this holiday is a great way to touch base with your Jewish customers.

As the month and year reach an end, the media tends to roll out year-end reviews. Summing up your own year is always worth a blog post or two. Your own personal insight and commentary on the year’s events, especially things that have relevance to your industry, can also make for interesting and readable posts.

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