How can commercial photography boost your brand online?

How can commercial photography boost your brand online?

Cherry Beesley from Simply C Photography explains what commercial photography can do for the look, feel and customer-impact of your website, and tells us about her recent successes for Juliette John Cosmetic & Laser Clinic.

The client

Juliette John knows a thing or two about helping people get the best from their skin. She offers treatments such as tattoo removal, laser hair removal and permanent lip colouring. In short, she helps people feel good about their bodies, and be able to present themselves as they’d like the world to see them.

Her cosmetic studio reception feels inviting, warm and welcoming with professional and kind staff on hand to sit you down and listen as you talk about your treatment needs.

The challenge

Before a potential patient visits Juliette John, they’re more than likely going to visit the company website first, and that’s where I come in.

Juliette approached me because she needed commercial photography for her website and marketing efforts. She required images that captured that same welcoming feeling of entering their reception, and created that sense a client is going to be listened to by calm professionals in a clean and friendly environment.

My photography needed to have a luxury, high end feel. Lots of reassuringly spotless medical equipment needed to be photographed, yet I didn’t want my pictures to look sterile in an emotional sense.

Capturing the business

To prepare for the shots I spoke to Juliette and the team, reviewed the website and made several visits to the building to see the rooms and consider how I could best use natural light to capture the images that were required.

I worked alongside talented graphic designer Joy from Creative Joy, and we regularly compared notes to ensure we were both on the same page. Teamwork, research and making creative decisions about angles and light are always big parts of capturing the right feel for the photography my client needs, usually before a single image is even captured.

Using natural light, my eye for creative shots, and with that commercial goal of bringing the feel of her business to life on the website, I captured the building, treatment rooms and reception. I took candid shots of consultations and treatments.

The final images really give you a sense of the place, the people who work there, and most importantly, the people who go there. These images drive desire, and make website visitors become clinic visitors, and that’s the power of commercial photography.

Your commercial website photography

As you change, develop and expand your business, your website needs to evolve with you. And images are always the key thing that tells your story before everything else. So ask yourself, does your currently website photography get across who you are now? Or does it feel like a bad tattoo you got when you were too young to know better? Because I can help you change that, and it won’t take a laser.

Is it time to talk about your commercial photography? Visit Simply C Photography or call Cherry on 07775 851827 for more info.

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