Cherry Beesley gives her top tips on how to be camera ready

Cherry Beesley gives her top tips on how to be camera ready

Cherry Beesley from Simply C Photography is renowned for her natural and candid looking portrait images of the great and good in the local business community. So how does she ensure her subjects look so at home in front of the camera? Here, she shares her top tips on how to achieve this…

Communicate beforehand. Most photographers are lovers of people, they’re usually friendly types. I know I am. So before your shoot, don’t be afraid to get in touch and request a consultation where you can run through your preferences. If you’re nervous about the process, this kind of knowledge and contact will often put your mind at ease.

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes. Whether it’s a headshot or a portrait, you still need to feel good about yourself, and the way to do that is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. And I’ll caveat that by saying your clothes tell people a lot about your personality, and that’s what I’m looking to capture. So do think about the image you’re looking to project too. You may feel at your most comfortable wearing a onesie whilst watching Netflix in bed, but that probably won’t be the image you want appearing next to your podium in a conference. I talk more about what you should wear here.

Don’t be afraid to pass on your Instagram knowledge. We all take selfies these days, don’t we? And that means many of us have an awareness of our best angles. So don’t be coy, tell your photographer which is your strongest side. It’s all good intelligence.

Think about the position you’ll take within your photo. Are you going for the formal headshot or portrait against a white background? Or do you want something more relaxed and lifestyle based? If so, things like the background come into play. Maybe you want a photo where you’re stood outside your place of business. And if so, that will affect the angles and the lighting, because my job is to capture those background details at their best too, which will affect how I approach composition. And that’s good for you, because then you’ve not got the stress of being the centre of attention.

Remember, the photographer is your friend. I’m a professional who is paid to do a great job. The better-quality image I can get for my clients, the happier they are, the better my reputation becomes, and that’s a win for everyone. I’m not the paparazzi, looking to get you at your worse as you empty your bins. When it comes to your photography, we both want the same thing. So be open, be honest, and communicate with me, it’ll make the process quicker, better, and more enjoyable.

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