Boost your Social Media with Commercial Photography

Boost your Social Media with Commercial Photography

Simply C Photography’s Cherry Beesley is passionate about using commercial photography to help businesses get more from their marketing efforts. Here she explains the powerful – not to mention lucrative – effect strong brand imagery can have on your social media pages.

It doesn’t seem that long ago since people were setting up their first social media accounts, getting to know Tom from Myspace, and having fun with what seemed like a novelty. Move forward to 2019, and you’ve got the President of America using Twitter as his main soap box for millions of followers. Meanwhile, billions of people throughout the world have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right there on their phones.

What I’m saying is, social media is a potent marketing tool, and you should be serious about using it effectively. And in the world of social media, words get boring quickly, and images talk. Which means getting your brand photography front and centre on social media should be your first port of call.

Which, as it happens, is where I come in….

Showing the world your best side

Having access to commercially focussed brand photography isn’t just for your websites and other sales literature, it should be a large part of your social media presence too. It can make all the difference to your Facebook pages, draw ‘likes’ and retweets from your posts, and help you spread your message far and wide via Instagram hashtags.

In short, it’s vital your social media account blends in with your brand. Having recognisable brand photography that echoes the feel of your website, and tells the story of your brand, is the most powerful way to do this.

Did you know the press use social media for research?

In days gone past, journalists would pick up the phone when researching an article or story. These days, they go straight to social media. Which means it’s important that you have brand images that not only look good on, say, your Twitter posts, but would also look just as great in a trade publication article about your services, or a PR piece about your latest success.

Social media imagery, the Simply C way

I take candid, commercially focussed and creative photography that’s designed to bring your brand to life, tell your story, and encourage your social media traffic to swing by your ‘buy now’ button.

Want to give your social media the Simply C edge? Now is the time to invest in bespoke commercial photography for your social media accounts and generate the sales your business deserves. Email Cherry to find out more.

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