Leadership & Life Chat – Larking Gowen podcast with Paralympian coach Greg Baker

Leadership & Life Chat – Larking Gowen podcast with Paralympian coach Greg Baker

Greg Baker is Head Coach of British Para Table Tennis, a performance coach and the latest guest on the popular Larking Gowen podcast series.

Greg believes that the best performers rely on their gut when it matters, whether that’s on a track, field or in business. But this only works if you know yourself!

In this episode they discuss how you can learn to focus on yourself, and understand what makes you tick, and how knowing your strengths, triggers and blind spots will help you perform under pressure, and nurture positive personal relationships.

Greg deep dives into the process of performing under pressure – a tactical approach, physical preparation, and how we can’t ignore how we operate under stress, as this can negate any technical ability.

They also look at constraint-based learning; how to adapt efficiently to cope with context; and how to harness positive and empowering relationships, particularly at work.

Greg lets us in on what it really takes to ‘make it’ at Olympic-level sport, and what he has learnt from the inspiring journeys of the Paralympic athletes he has worked with. He also discusses his work in trying to dispel the stigma behind the Paralympics, and how we can all learn from what it really takes for coaches to train the top level.

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