The 2019 wine trends you need to know about!

The 2019 wine trends you need to know about!

Nicholas Corfe of Go Brazil Wines predicts the wine trends for 2019.

The UK wine trade has started 2019 with a similarly high level of uncertainty to that being experienced in many others areas of our economy. Brexit, in other words, has cast its shadow far and wide, although the more organised importers have been stockpiling their key products and hedging against any further downturn in sterling. All of which is prudent – but most wine importers are relatively small and not sufficiently well capitalised to be able to take these measures or, if so, only for a short time.

While the post-Christmas and New Year period would typically be quiet anyway, the subdued picture has been confirmed by data from Nielsen, the market research company, that shows that to November 2018 the year-on-year UK consumption of still wines in the ‘on-trade’ (pubs, restaurants and hotels) continues to decline. Off-trade (retail) volumes are only marginally better but in value terms are flat, after allowing for inflation. And what about the bright spots?! Well, the good news is that sales of sparkling wines enjoyed a double-digit increase in both channels, although at the expense of Champagne, whose market share has been gradually eroded by other sparklers. In other words, we are still drinking plenty of (cheaper) Prosecco, Crémant, Franciacorta and other varieties of fizz from both the Old and New World, representing a major trend which we expect to continue in the coming months.

Perhaps influenced by healthy-eating trends, and veganism in particular, watch out too for more organic, ‘natural’, biodynamic, and sustainable-branded wines. In truth, we’re not sure whether any of these taste better than the conventional product, or indeed whether they’ll be with us in the long term. On the other hand, we do envisage that some of the more novel packaging solutions for wine will become mainstream, especially aluminium cans, boxes and, in pubs and restaurants, wine which is served ‘on tap’. These solutions are as much about convenience as sustainability, while can-sized options will appeal to those who are looking to reduce their alcohol intake.

No comment on 2019 would be complete without a mention about cannabis – or rather the stampede by mainly US and Canadian companies to invest heavily in cannabis-infused (actually ‘CBD’ or cannabidiol ), non-psychoactive, beverages.

Here at Go Brazil we haven’t seen or sampled any CBD flavoured wine yet – but rest assured it’s on its way over here. In the meantime, we would suggest our readers open a bottle of something a little more familiar, and prepare for the uncertainties ahead.

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