Tuddenham Mill – How food in Britain became good and why Suffolk deserves its place at the table

Tuddenham Mill – How food in Britain became good and why Suffolk deserves its place at the table

Tuddenham Mill has a reputation (and the 3 AA rosettes to back it up) as one of the finest restaurants in Suffolk, and that’s thanks to Chef-Patron Lee Bye’s love of fresh seasonal produce. As far as he’s concerned, the best stuff is being produced right here on our doorstep… 

I read somewhere recently that half the UK’s supermarket food is produced overseas. In my opinion, they’re missing a trick. Why go to the effort of importing produce from overseas when we’ve got some of the very best right here?

Over the years I’ve met so many driven, passionate and dedicated farmers who work hard to produce the outstanding pork, beef, fruit and vegetables that flow freely from our countryside. You won’t find better pork anywhere in the world than you do in Suffolk. And trust me,  I’ve looked.

Farm to fork

Suffolk is a county of incredible produce in general. You could fill Britain’s belly five times over with the amazing seasonal vegetables our fantastic farmers produce. In fact, we feed our diners with this amazing local bounty every day.

The majority of the food on the plates we serve our guests has been harvested locally, and usually on that same day. That’s the farm to fork philosophy, and I love it. Not only do my guests get to taste the freshest – and tastiest – ingredients, we’re also doing our bit to support the local agriculture industry.

It’s something I always encourage people to do for themselves too. Don’t settle for the same old plastic wrapped vegetables or meat you buy from your local supermarket. Visit your local fruit and vegetable stall or speak to a knowledgeable butcher. They can tell you what is in season and explain the route your food has taken before it was prepared for sale. Seasonal vegetables always taste better, and there’s a world of difference between free range grass-fed livestock and the factory farmed alternatives.

Net to knife

No discussion about the exceptional produce of Suffolk would be complete without mentioning the fish and seafood we’re able to source and enjoy here. Fresh hake may be the mainstay of a great East Anglian fish and chip supper, but it’s also a regular on my menu, fresh from the boat, and cooked to the bone. It’s a taste like no other.

In these times of climate change worries, the trend continues to move towards finding sustainable, yet delicious and healthy sources for what we eat, and that means looking closer to home. Thankfully for us, home is Suffolk, and we’re spoiled for choice.

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