Avanti employee pledges to raise money for Neonatal unit in Ipswich Hospital

Avanti employee pledges to raise money for Neonatal unit in Ipswich Hospital

The Avanti Group (UK) Ltd share employee Emily and husband Neil’s story and celebrate her fundraising success. 

In February 2018 Emily and Neil became parents to twins, but their journey was far from easy. In Emily’s words  “I would like to share our story so you get an insight into the amazing work the Neonatal Unit at Ipswich Hospital does on a daily basis, for which I don’t believe they get enough recognition.

When our twins, Harry and Nellie, were born, at 36 weeks and 2 days, they were originally on the Orwell Ward with us. Both babies were feeding and sleeping like most newborns. We had paediatric doctors come and go over the first 3 days doing their observations. However, for those of you who aren’t aware, there are a certain amount of risk factors before the doctors admit them down in the Neonatal Unit. Firstly, like a lot of premature babies, they both had jaundice, Harry’s skin was turning a yellow colour, whereas Nellie was more of a red. Due to this, both babies had to be on the bilirubin beds up on the ward which uses a UV light to reduce their jaundice levels.

The doctors then found that the babies had heart murmurs, and over the 2nd and 3rd days, they became really difficult to cup feed. On Sunday the 11th February, they were admitted to the Neonatal Unit.

The doctors were so lovely and explained everything really well. I was, of course, very upset about this, as you can imagine. It was also difficult because the Neonatal Unit was on the ground floor near the Maternity entrance and I was on the Orwell Ward on floor 3, so I was anxious being away from them. I knew they were in the best place but it wasn’t going the way I’d imagined having waited so long to meet my children.

In order for them to be discharged, they had to be off antibiotics and oxygen and monitored for at least 48 hours to ensure their breathing was consistent – fortunately, all their tests came back ok.”

This February the twins turned one and we can see where their determination and grit comes from …

Emily decided to pick up her running shoes again and run the Colchester half marathon to raise much-needed funds for the neonatal unit that took such good care of her twins.  With a modest target of £500, Emily raised in excess of £900 by the time all donations were collected.

The Avanti team would like to toast her success and wish her luck for upcoming events –  that’s right, she’s not stopping there, and has already signed up to the Great East run on the 22nd September 2019.

Not all heroes wear capes and not all accountants are grey!

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