SMEs want more visibility of their business

SMEs want more visibility of their business

New research has found SMEs are struggling to obtain a holistic view of their business, with an overwhelming eight out of ten (79%) requiring more visibility across multiple areas within their organisation. Project development (83%), transparency of data (80%) and cost efficiency (78%), being areas most in need of improvement.

In relation to business productivity, the survey also revealed that while almost all organisations (98%) expect to allocate appropriate resources to clients, only 50% track time with software. Of those businesses who do, over three quarters (76%) would like more visibility of time usage, where close to half (45%) have found time management improves after implementing an operational management solution.

The survey found one in two small businesses (50%) are struggling to integrate multiple operational management solutions, while nearly all organisations (95%) identify a need for one piece of integrated software.

Orbit, a new mini enterprise system designed specifically for small businesses, surveyed 100 decision makers from SMEs of between 10 and 100 employees. The survey found they all run an average of two pieces of operational management software supporting business processes, such as invoicing, time management and task management.

Chris May, Founder and Managing Director for IT specialists, Mayden, which established the Orbit system to support its own business, comments:

“Having one piece of software that does everything you need has huge benefits for small businesses. Of the organisations surveyed, 47% are using unconnected pieces of operational management software, where most are trying to fit a number of different pieces together. However, this means organisations struggle for a holistic view, which increases the risk of missing crucial information that can impact business productivity.

After implementing Orbit in our organisation over seven years ago, we have found processes have improved and efficiency has increased. Our organisation has grown in response to an operational management system that has been tailored to our business. Orbit has all the features a small business needs to work at its best, without the unnecessary extras.”

All organisations (100%) also agree that after implementing operational management systems (either connected or unconnected), they have seen some aspect of their business productivity improve as a result.

Combining innovative, cloud-based applications with exceptional service, Orbit enables multiple teams to share information efficiently and coordinate on complex projects across locations, through one central hub. System functionality is supported by a dedicated team of specialists, with tailored functionality to support the bespoke requirements of a small business.

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