Can you save yourself from a stressful move with Smart Garden Offices?

Can you save yourself from a stressful move with Smart Garden Offices?

It’s an age-old quandary when you find that you need more space; whether to extend, move or simply just make do with what you have. However, in these very uncertain times, you can actually stay put, increase your useable space and add value without all the hassle and stress that is associated with extending. Here, SMART Garden offices discuss why improving instead of moving is the way forward by adding one of their stunning garden rooms, offices or studios. With so many advantages, you’ll wonder why you even ever asked the question.

Stagnant housing market

The housing market is always a volatile market with lots of red tape and no pretty ribbons. It’s a stressful one too, and the UK market is currently standing quite still. If you’re thinking you’ve got no choice as you need the extra room, a place to work from home, or somewhere for the family to get some quality time to together, then stop – you do have another choice!

Our beautiful garden rooms can be used 365 days of the year no matter what the weather. They really are simply put, a standalone extension to your home, however, you have so much more say on the style, and configuration, and a lot less to worry about in regards to building sites and expenditure and they will also add value to your home.

Brexit uncertainty

Don’t worry, we’ll get this one over and done with quickly, (unlike Brexit itself!)

It’s becoming quite the pain, and knowing what to do before and after Brexit is becoming increasingly blurred. However, your plans don’t have to wait for Brexit! If you need to create more space, a SMART garden room, office or studio is the perfect way to achieve this. It is quicker, less stressful, and far cheaper than moving or extending, and will still add value to your property – so no uncertainties here!

High costs and stress associated with moving

Banish them and opt for a more affordable, stress free approach to home improvements. Did you know that installing a SMART garden room, office or studio only takes a matter of days?

Fully installed by our own professional team of expert craftsmen, it really is that simple; no moving chains, no endless paperwork or solicitors, no wet and dry trades and ongoing disruptions, just a few days to install your brand new stunning studio and all at a more affordable fixed cost!

Utilising what you already have…

Space in the garden is often difficult to really monopolize on, especially a space you can use all year round. Installing a SMART garden room, office or studio means you can have a new room to escape to, work from, and enjoy 365 days of the year, making your garden the perfect place to invest in. Plus if you have stunning views or a garden you simply love, why not get out there more and enjoy the view each and every day, it really is a win-win situation!

Want to know more? Get in touch with our garden office experts today, who love nothing more than to answer questions, send out a free catalogue or arrange a completely free no obligation site consultation.

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Photo: Suffolk Barn Trio with a high line roof, hand painted in Burnished Biscuit. Credit: Smart Garden Offices.

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