Suffolk Canine Creche release Puppy Paw-ty dates for September 2019

Suffolk Canine Creche release Puppy Paw-ty dates for September 2019

Four years ago the Founder of Suffolk Canine Creche ,Candace Rose, had a dilemma. Far too many adolescent dogs were arriving for registration with issues.  Dogs failing temperament tests was at an all-time high and she knew the problems were down to little or no socialisation as a puppy, and simply owners not realising how much work they needed to do with their pooches.

Rose set about finding a solution and needed a way of attracting younger puppies to the creche before the problems materialised.  She wanted to provide an fun educational, safe environment where owners could also learn about socialisation and pick up information to assist them.

The Puppy Paw-ty was the innovation that delivered a solution to all of those issues (and many more).

So for two hours on a Saturday morning, owners have the opportunity to view their new puppy interacting with other dogs,  experiencing new things.  It is an educational as well as fun event and the Rose commented “A puppy paw-ty is primarily socialisation, it provides a real eye opener to the owners, often the puppy has only gone from the breeder to the new home, they are confident with their new family and new home, but this is a whole different environment, with plenty of toys, new people and other puppies of all shapes and sizes. “

“You quickly get to see if your puppy is already exhibiting nervous or shy traits or might be a tad over confident and bouncy, and we can help with all those behaviour attributes.”

Rose added “Owners rave about these sell out events, and are able to identify early issues, to discuss common worries such as puppy biting or toilet training, and learn about performing a mini MOT on their puppies, checking ears, nails and teeth.”

This was an innovative approach and quickly solved the failed registrations by reducing those by 18%.

Puppy Paw-ties are hosted in all sites, they always have a wait list and the next dates and locations are: –

7th September: St Mary’s Canine Creche

14th September: Colchester Canine Creche

21st September: Lowestoft Canine Creche

28th September: Suffolk Canine Creche (at Martlesham)

Puppy owners leave with a Paw-ty bag filled with information and goodies, as well as a voucher for a free day and even an invite to introduce their puppy to the Doggie Hotel @ Creche and have a free overnight sleepover.

So if you have a new puppy or one arriving soon, enrol onto one of these super events, it’s a small cost of £20.00 per dog and you can bring the whole family (children are very welcome) and some Puppies bring an entourage!

Puppies that are fully vaccinated and are aged up to 6 months only are eligible.  The venues are decorated to look and feel like a celebratory event, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and you are all invited!

For further details contact us on 01473 636151 or email

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